TokiDoki Means Sometimes

TokiDoki Means Sometimes – The new arrivals from the TokiDoki clothing line are finally here. And let me be the first to say how much cooler this stuff is than what I have seen previously. When I bought my TokiDoki shirts the only thing that set them apart from all of my other t-shirts was the sweet graphics, other then that they were just plain t-shirts with a print just like all the rest. Thankfully for us and for the future of TokiDoki that has all changed. Drastically.

By the first glance this hooded shirt looks pretty average but lo and behold the back of this shirt holds a sweet surprise. Two darling clouds sharing a rainbow around your shoulder blades what could be better floating around such an unexpected keyhole back. I don’t know how the little record on the front plays into things with the clouds but it works.

This shirt has a very Custo feel to it, with the way that there is some sort of pattern or picture going on all over the whole shirt. The cute little devil listening to her ipod on a cloud is one of the many TokiDoki characters featured on this shirt. Our little friend the record from the hooded shirt above is also seen on this shirt. The twisted style of the back is really cool but I don’t think you could wear a traditional bra with this shirt without the straps showing. Exposed bra straps aren’t so bad however in this case they would bring down the value of the whole shirt.

The graffiti-esque font on the back of this jacket reads Ciao Ciao, I’m guessing that the name of the little girl skull character. The TokiDoki logo nested within the back graphic is really a nice touch. I’m really crazy for the multi tonal zippers all over this jacket. If you look close you can see the only zipper that is not multi tonal is the one for the hidden hood that is along the collar.

I wish my name was Sandy because if it was I would buy this jacket so fast your head would spin. I encourage any Sandy’s reading this to pick up one of these jackets because you will never see your name gracing a cooler jacket. While there are many Sandy’s in the world that is also the name of the little girl in the cactus suit on the back of this jacket. I really like the color scheme of this whole jacket. They may be on to something with that orange and cream combination.

Where I’m from it doesn’t rain very often. I am dead set on getting this raincoat anyway. The idea of a raincoat that not only looks cool on its own but is also see through so everyone can see your cool clothes underneath too, is a big hit with me. Both the girl and the boy skull are featured all over this raincoat along with some accompaniment from some candies and stars.

The designers at TokiDoki deserve a big round of applause for improving the quality of clothing they offer by leaps and bounds.

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