The Maxi

The Maxi – One thing should be made clear when speaking of “the maxi” it is not a dress per se, rather it is a word used to describe the length of said dress. This being said I would like to dispel the rumor that maxi length dresses are only for hippies, grandmas and or conservative religious types. This length is for anyone, especially you.  Why should you wear a maxi? The answer is simple, because the comfort and grace bestowed upon you by the extra length is unparalleled by any of the dresses you’ve ever owned. It has all the comfort of your favorite summer dress but it’s long enough to carry you from day into night with style.

To further illustrate my point I would like you to take a look at the beautiful songstress Thalia. Here we see a very pregnant and glowing Thalia in what looks like a painted silk maxi dress. She proves that you do not need a slim figure to look beautiful wearing maxi length. The long column effect of this dress is sure to make anyone’s movements look more graceful.

The tiered maxi above, worn by our favorite Hollywood bad girl Lindsay Lohan is a good example of a more daring maxi. Typically when a designer is ready to take the plunge in length for a maxi they use either a boho print or some sort of floral. The color varieties in the tiers of this dress add a really playful touch to what some may consider to be a cumbersome length.

Floor length floral print dresses are not just for your grandma anymore. They’re for mischa barton too! I’m just kidding. As far as floral prints go this motif is just “okay” but never the less it is one of the many which are readily available for your enjoyment this summer. Have no fear there are plenty of other floral prints to choose from.

Here we see actress Molly Sims in a very typical boho print maxi dress. I love this print and the super soft silk looks like it would be a dream to shop in. If you’re not sure if you even want a maxi dress I encourage you to at least try on a bohemian print and then tell me you don’t feel a whole new level of stylish comfort. You couldn’t do it.  Pulling off a boho maxi look is so easy because the dress does all the work for you, just slap on a chunky bracelet or some kind of wooden jewelry and you’re good to go.

What I like most about all of these pictures is that all of these women are enjoying casual everyday engagements looking way better than everyone else in the pictures view.  I know what I said about Mischa Barton’s dress, but she still looks great because despite the print the extra length gives a very regal feel. That is what maxi length can do for you too. Regal yet casual and with so many styles to choose from a maxi dress is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.

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