The 90’s Strike Back

The 90’s Strike Back – The 90’s are alive and back in full effect in men’s street wear. Here are a few examples of how T-shirt brands are using the 90’s as inspiration in many different ways.

I don’t know if it’s the shirt or the model but this one really reminds me of “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”. Using a classic palette of almost neon colors from the 1990’s this shirt made by Lemar and Dauley is a throwback to a time when black and white checks weren’t just for racing anymore. The colors are a little too dusty for me but overall I like this shirt.

Using a similar 90’s inspired color palette this shirt definitely has a more artsy vibe than the one above it hence the name the modern art tank. Right now the designers are Lemar & Dauley must really be watching a lot of “In Living Color” reruns. I really like the way the bold black lines move throughout the shirt. As far as design goes I’m a huge fan of the print on this shirt but I don’t think I would give this guy my number. Something about a dude in such a colorful tank top, I couldn’t do it.

I liked Kid & Play a lot when I was younger. I was far too young to know what was really going on in all those house party movies but I could do their dance at the drop of a hat. As much as I loved them before I am not so sure I would want to wear them at any point in my life on my T-shirt. I must be on my own with that though because these shirts by Rocksmith are readily available online.

I saved this Exact Science shirt for last because I thought it was the best of all the 90’s inspiration T’s. Believe it or not what this shirt is trying to do with all that bright clutter is pay respects to the Wu-Tang Clan or more specifically to their song “Can it all be so simple?”  In high school I listened to my copy of “Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers” too many times to count. So when I noticed that this design includes 4 of the 5 boroughs, dollar signs, shell toes, Cazals, ghetto blasters, cassette tapes, spray paint, 4-finger rings, bucket hats, and people breaking, a favorite was born. Above all that this shirt was also printed in a 90’s style neon palette but somehow it is not as offensive to the eye, maybe because the actual shirt is a calming blue.

The 90’s inspiration is not relegated to just men’s T-shirts. The 90’s flavor is spreading everywhere from shorts to shoes in men’. Lemar & Dauley even have a pair of shoes that are designed to match the Modern Art Tank from above. Some years ago you would only see the bravest of fashion savvy men exploring new color ways, let the return of the 90’s serve as a benchmark that times have indeed changed.

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