That’s For Groceries?

That’s For Groceries? – Less waste means a happier and cleaner life for all of us and that is why so many of us are switching to reusable shopping bags instead of the flimsy plastic bags that are given to us at the grocery store. Many brands have taken note of the desire of consumers to purchase bags that are eco-friendly as well as fashionable.

This striped bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs may not look like a traditional grocery bag but it’s a reusable bag that you will actually want to use. Although this bag is really cute its not exactly cost effective because you’re really going grocery shopping you will need at least 3 bags per trip. With the amount of money you might spend on trying to use these bag you could take a mini vacation. It is a good thing that this nautical inspired bag is cute enough to want use as your summer purse as well as your grocery bag.

This bag by Anya Hindmarch is without a doubt the most identifiable of all reusable bags. And yet it is not really suitable for bringing home your groceries. It would work much better as a handbag and that is how most women use it. I think what women like most about this bag is the fact that it pretty much screams “Hey I care about the environment more than you. Look I’m doin’ it right now”. I used to be a big fan of this bag until I found out that they are too small to actually use. Also they are outrageously popular, thusly making them lame to those of us who would rather be early adopters than followers, sad but true.

Even Juicy couture has made their own reusable grocery bag. Other than brand recognition I don’t feel anything for this bag. Not as a purse and it doesn’t look practical enough to hold heavy groceries. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again a strap that thin is going to hurt your shoulder when you fill the bag to its capacity. Definitely not worth the price unless you just want a status symbol. If that’s the case this is your shopping bag.

One of my dear friends told me about Baggu. They cost substantially less than all of the other designer reusable grocery bags. Sure they are plain in comparison but they are available in a wide variety of colors. Baggu is made of a very durable rip stop nylon while many of the other bags in this article are made from cotton. I wouldn’t carry Baggu like a purse like I would with some others but thankfully it can fold up into a little pouch that is small enough to fit into whatever purse you’re already carrying. The pouch is so small and flat it could even fit into a clutch I’m not kidding you. It’s great for impromptu shopping trips you could keep them in the glove box or trunk of your car and not even know they’re there.

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