T-shirt Parade!! Part Two

T-shirt Parade!! Part Two – The T-shirt parade is back so get comfortable and try to keep an objective mind this time ok? Okay great let’s get started!

Bamboo earrings are hot right now! So hot that everyone has them and  I’m not going to be wearing mine anymore. I mean these things are everywhere.  It’s funny to me that the earrings that were once regarded as symbol of the ghetto and the around the way girl are every where and worn by everyone. We can’t all be around the way girls, someone has to be fronting right? Anyway the fact that the earring in question have made it to a t-shirt, to me, means they have jumped the shark. If you’re not ready to let them go yet that’s ok maybe you can match your beloved bamboo’s with this shirt and call it a day.

I think what this Jeepney shirt is trying to say is guys who love sneakers love girls who love heels. Isn’t that nice? It’s kind of lady and the tramp-ish in a street wear way. I don’t know anything about sneakers, if I own any at all anymore that would be news to me. If a guy is wearing nicer than average or rare sneakers I’m completely oblivious. I do however appreciate it when men take the time to craft their style in anyway even if its just their shoes because women use lots of their time keeping their styles right and tight. So I guess Jeepney was right, game really does recognize game.

Does something seem familiar about this Insight logo? No its not the polka dots or the pink or even the scoop neck. I’m referring to the way the letters are stacked upon each other in  a similar fashion to the Yves Saint Laurent YSL logo. Insight is not the first company to bite the YSL-sequel logo, P Diddy himself committed the same offense at Sean Jean. I don’t blame them. The YSL logo is hot but not hot enough to make me like this Insight shirt. Thumbs down.

Easy does it girls, before you get too excited about this Dope Couture shirt there’s something you should know. For those of you seeking exclusivity in your wardrobe, be advised that this is hardly the first or the last of shirts bearing the likeness of Eric Wright aka Eazy-E. Say what you will about Eazy-E and N.W.A but I would wear this shirt in a heartbeat in memory of him and his contribution to hip hop. It can be hard to rep Eazy-E as a woman because as far as disrespecting women goes he was a huge offender in his life and his lyrics. But, and this is a big but, if you’re from the west coast or any where near  you’re not trying to hear any of that because he was not the first or the last rapper to practice such insensitivity towards females. Bottom line is, this shirt is tight and Compton is in the house once again.

Gosh that was fun wasn’t it?  Sometimes a good old fashion t-shirt parade really hit’s the spot. Let’s do it again real soon!

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