T-shirt Parade!! Part One

T-shirt Parade!! Part One – Some days the ever polished and perfect world of “fashion” becomes mundane. From the trend colors to trend inspirations to trend trends…ahh! There is just so much of the same thing or scarily similar things available. Today I just want to relax and enjoy the T-shirt parade. No fuss. No muss. Just T-shirts.

Look at that pretty neckline! There is something you do not see often enough. I’m sure crew neck t-shirts are much cheaper to produce but should that be all some companies offer? I say no, if more brands would switch up their choices in blank t-shirts the consumers would definitely notice a pleasant difference. This t-shirt is called the “blood calendar” by Tank Theory. I googled “blood calendar” to see if it was synonymous with the Mayan calendar but I was wrong its just some thing Tank Theory made up. That’s fine, it’s a cute shirt either way.

Do I look like I give a F*ck? Well do I? You can’t see me  but trust me I don’t. If it wasn’t for the explanation on the back of this shirt I don’t think I would have known what “dilligaf” stood for. This t-shirt is brought to you by Married to the Mob along with other shirts featuring a few other cuss words. Another shirt from this same company says “Lets talk shit”.  Let the record show that I would wear either one of these shirts gladly.

Does Lil Kim know this shirt exists? I’m guessing not because if she did she would probably asking the fine folks at Princess of the Posse for her royalties check. Within the existing Louis Vuitton logos all over Lil Kim’s likeness are also Princess of the Posse logos and the brands name is signed down her leg as well. I don’t like this shirt. If I were going to buy a shirt with Lil Kim on it I would much rather have one of the shirts Marc Jacobs made back in 2006 while she was in jail. These shirts read “Marc Jacobs *heart* Lil Kim”, that is real love for Kim if you ask me.

Sticks and stones may break your bones but this shirt really doesn’t impress me. If you can’t tell what’s on this shirt let me describe it to you. Above the lettering are numerous lipstick tubes lined up side by side and below are several diamonds also side by side. It is clever right? It certainly is however it is also pretty corny.  I’m not sure if I would even wear this shirt if it was given to me as a gift. Maybe if the gift shirt in question came in black I would wear it around my house but no where else.

I know it seems like the parade will end here but don’t worry my darling we are just taking a brief pit stop. So dry your eyes, grab a coke and when I come back I will have even more T-shirts for your viewing pleasure.

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