Swimwear Trends 2008: Act Two

Swimwear Trends 2008: Act Two – As you may remember we are in the process of revealing the top ten trends in swim suits for the summer of 2008. Just to recap the first article contained a few classic motifs and some designs for the fashion daredevil in us all. The next 5 trends will be no different, covering everything from new silhouettes to swimsuit staples. Swimsuit season is here so let’s just dive right in.

The soft drape silhouette is a new trend this season. This style is exceptionally comfortable and will be a delight for those of you out there who dread under wire. Due to the soft folds in the fabric there is an almost Grecian feel to this style.

This is the suit is for any woman who has ever pined to be viewed as a 1950’s pin up goddess. Retro suits are can be very conservative, often hiding the belly button. This does not take away from the sex appeal what’s so ever. Retro suits can be difficult to swim in. So make sure you bring your matching heels to the pool party as you may be spending more time working the crowd than swimming.

Not to be confused with graphic prints, the Boho trend has a personality all of its own.   These particular designs remind me of Moroccan tiles. Boho is short for Bohemian which pretty much means luxe hippy style. This trend is very easy to accessorize. You may try an arm full of wood and gold bangles or maybe that hemp necklace you have left over from your high school hippy days.

There maybe some of you out there who want to wear a bikini but also want to leave a little something to the imagination as far as the bottom is concerned. A flirty skirt bottom would be a perfect fit for you. This season skirt bottoms come in varying lengths from the teasingly short or modest enough to cover down to your mid thigh. Something to consider is the longer the skirt on your bikini the less need you have for a cover up when you move from the beach to the board walk.

It’s hard to say stripes are back because they never left. They are a summer classic only changing a little each year where color and width is concerned. My personal favorite of the bikinis pictured above is the top left. It reminds me of a Mexican sarapé with the fearless blend of colors. As with most motifs you still want to keep the relative size of the stripe you choose in proportion with you body. Try a slimmer stripe if you are petite and a wider stripe if you are not.

I hope you are excited to buy a new swimsuit, whether it is a bikini, one piece or my personal favorite the monokini. There is a trend for all tastes this season. If you have read both articles and you still think there isn’t a trend for you. Forget about it! Bikini babes from Brazil rarely even wear matching tops and bottoms. Take a page from their book, you do not need to follow a trend, this is the summer and anything goes.

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