Swimwear Trends 2008: Act One

Swimwear Trends 2008: Act One – Spring has sprung. The fall collections have been shown in both Paris and New York. Now the summer season is upon us here in the United States. Summer is my favorite season! I love buying a new bathing suit or three. There is a lot to think about when choosing a swimsuit. Should it be a bikini or a one piece? Eye catching print or classy retro style? Or maybe this is the year you are brave enough to wear that cheetah print bikini? Because there are so many suits to choose from I have broken up my top ten trends for the season into a two part series. Here are the first five trends in no particular order:

This summer metallic swimsuits are available for every shape and size. The metallic trend is not limited to only traditional metals such as silver, gold, and bronze but also what I like to call fantasy metals such as the blue bikinis pictured above.  Personally If I were to buy a metallic bikini I would definitely choose a fantasy metal so the likely hood of another woman and I being “suit twins” on the beach or poolside would be slimmer.

Wild Graphic prints will never go out of style for summer. This year we are seeing prints raging from girly bows to 60’s style psychedelic paisleys. One rule to remember when buying a graphic bikini, the bolder the print the smaller the bikini should be. I don’t know why this formula works but it does.

The monokini is for the daring. This suit is my personal favorite for the season. The monokini is a trend doubler in that, you can find one that may contain one or more of the other trends listed such as a graphic prints, animal print and especially metallic. It is not for the faint of heart. If you don’t think you would look fierce in a monokini, don’t bother, you may not wear it right due to insecurities. The monokini is a power suit, no doubt about it.

Animal prints, like metallics are a swimsuit staple. This season we are seeing mostly zebra and cheetah. The good news to that is if you don’t look good in black and white, the golden browns found in cheetah print are complimentary to almost any skin tone.

Playful polka dots are available in numerous colors this season. A helpful tip when choosing a polka dot for your suit is to keep in mind the proportion of the polka dot in relative size to your body. Meaning if you are petite you should tend towards a smaller polka dot and so on.

We are half way through our exploration of swimsuit trends for the summer of 2008. Perhaps you didn’t find a trend that was right for you in this first segment. Fear not, the sequel is ready, and it’s coming. Stay Tuned…

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