Sweets For Your Feets

Sweets For Your Feets – Pretty much everything within the Pastry clothing and shoe lines has something to do with sweets and or baked goods. I have a feeling that kind of gimmick can only last for so long. Eventually all the novelty names will wear thin with the consumer. Fortunately for the sisters Simmons, that day doesn’t appear to be close just yet.

The shoe above is the “Fab Cookie”. What’s fab or cookie about it I don’t know. The gold accents on this shoe will allow them to match with anything especially since the rest of the shoe is basically white. I don’t know what’s up with the polka dot or as they call them “sprinkles” on the sole of the shoe. Maybe that is the cookie part? These shoes are not bad, just boring.

Above we see the “Honeydew Fab Cookie” shoes. These are a little better than the shoes from the top but that isn’t saying much. I like that they have borrowed the shell toe that is typically only found on shoes by Adidas.


The colors are nice too, not exactly what I would call honeydew but they work well together. Again we see the same “sprinkles” that appear to be on every shoe. This pair of shoes would look much cleaner without the sprinkles. To tell the truth, without the sprinkles I would actually be crazy about these shoes.

Someone needs to help these girls with their color identification. Pictured above are the “Strawberry Mint Fab Cookie” boots. I don’t see any red or pink on them with the exception of the tag and laces. So where exactly is the strawberry on these predominately lavender shoes? The mint I can see in the dusty green sole and upper accents. I’m not trying to nit pick but come on! First you call teal and pink “Honeydew” and then purple and green “Strawberry Mint”. The names and colors don’t match plain and simple. All name criticism aside these are my favorite pair from the whole Pastry shoe collection..


They have the shell toe and a high top, you can’t go wrong with that. Here we go again with the “sprinkles” on the sole but this time since they match the purple suede it’s all good.

Well Angela and Vanessa, I can tell you really tried. You probably didn’t intend to have an adult shoe line look like they were made for little girls. But with names like “Fab Cookie” I can’t say I’m surprised.  All I’m sayin is most grown women tend to avoid cookies…..

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