Surface To Air Womens Spring/Summer 2008

Surface To Air Womens Spring/Summer 2008 – Surface to Air is a brand I think we should all get to know. That way when our fashion know-it-all friends bring them up we will be able to participate in conversation. There seems to be a bit of back story with the Surface to Air collective. With contributor from New York, Stockholm and Paris the spring summer Surface to Air collection is eclectic at best.

The overalls trend is obviously not just for street wear. Here we see a more demure interpretation of the classic farmer overalls. Pay attention now, these are not just overalls but an overalls skirt. I love them because you could throw on any t-shirt underneath and you’re good to go for day time. If this overalls skirt was mine I would be wearing it out.

I love the deep scoop neck of this tank top. I think I like it because it not your typical “wife beater” tank. It feels more handmade then assembly line. I’m not sure what’s going on with the feathery leafy Cesar crown and cross bones on this tank top. Skull and cross bones are out. Consequently I think any graphics resembling the jolly roger should be thrown overboard as well. I know Surface to Air can do much much better.

I need white jeans for summer. They’re a summer staple and Surface to Air has done them just right. This particular jean features a straight leg and a higher rise than usual. I actually don’t enjoy a mid or high rise jean myself but it looks great on lots of other women so I can appreciate it when its done well. These jeans are so unobtrusive they would blend in well with any wardrobe.

At first glance I really dislike this plain Jane drop waist dress. What I am missing is the beauty and utility of such a simple design. This dress can be worn virtually every day in summer all you would need to do is change your choose to suit your occasion. The drop waist will be flattering to those without junk in the trunk. It will also hide your tummy, because the waist band is so low it will not attract unwanted attention to your mid section. The color is a little blah but that’s what bright beautiful accessories are for.

Surface to Air has simplicity in mind for the spring/summer of 2008. That’s great but there are still a few things that bother me about this label. For example I don’t like the surface to air has a very limited size range. That is their prerogative but size 26 is a small place to start so how could you stop at 30 for the largest size? While shirts come in sizes O, I, II, III. I will let you judge on that issue for yourself and when we meet again I will have the men’s wear from Surface to Air for you to enjoy.

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