Sparkle Sparkle!

Sparkle Sparkle! – An influx of boring colors has made my eyes hungry for a little sparkle and shine. Thusly, Tarina Tarantino is back! Animal inspiration is on the rise again in jewelry specifically insects and marine life. I am not so picky I love just about any animal influence in my accessories except for flies, they creep me out.

Bows, beetles and a couple of tiny bows that is what this necklace is made of. In my opinion you really can’t go wrong when you pair black with silver, it always looks sleek. When I first saw Aladdin as a little girl I was captured by the idea of scarab beetle jewelry. Back then I was mystified by the idea that anyone would even want to wear anything resembling a bug. Later when I learned of the meaning of scarab’s I changed my tune.

Ooooh whose tooth is that? It doesn’t really matter what animal this tooth came from because they are too cute. Black and gold like black and silver always look outstanding together. In his case there is just enough gold to really compliment the black rhinestones on the black enamel teeth. Once again I like the tiny bows and I don’t think Tarina Tarantino can do any wrong with them.

Sparkle is a defining word for Tarina Tarantino’s work however I’m not so sure the extra white and pink rhinestones are helping this necklace. The problem with using rhinestones these days is the thin line between sparkle and bling. For those of you out there who don’t know yet bling as a word is no longer synonymous with big money and shine but rather the lower end of the spectrum, something that has peel able adhesive backing and came from the drug store counter. Unfortunately, I think this necklace qualifies as bling as a result of this it is my least favorite of all of Tarina Tarantino’s line of jewelry.

Trend forecasts say that marine inspiration is hot for summer of 2008. As far as I’m concerned I like these seahorse earrings all year round. These earrings come in a few different colors including white and black. I haven’t really seen too much sea life floating around at my local mall but the magazines keep saying the trend is coming. I for one am eager for sea inspired creations to trickle down already.

Dependant on the piece Tarantino’s work can look very expensive to very cheap. Toning it down isn’t really something Tarina believes in. I mean she has bright pink hair, she couldn’t tone it down if she tried. That is what makes her so memorable as a designer, her unrelenting devotion to all things that sparkle. Tarina Tarantino has come a long way from the little girl who used to make jewelry from fimo clay.

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