Short Hem, Big Fun

Short Hem, Big Fun – Its hot outside and mini dresses are the perfect way to flaunt your legs this summer.

The ultra saturated corral color of this dress is bound to make you the center of attention. The Peter Pan collar and two button ruffle say this is an innocent dress but the length of the hem says otherwise. This mini dress comes with handy pockets on the side. Typically when pockets are added so obviously to a dress they often give a heavier feeling to the sides but in the case of this dress it is so short a little extra fabric doesn’t hurt the silhouette.

Mini dresses, like the maxi length dresses available are experiencing a revival of floral prints. I really like this punchy floral mini dress the color and design make me feel like someone just brought me a big glass full of Hawaiian punch and a fist full of flowers. How kind! The softly shirred empire waist and surplice neckline are flattering to virtually any bust and waist size.

Here we have another empire waisted mini in a sunny yellow and white oversized polka dot print. I see this dress walking down the beach with its slightly billowy skirt blowing in the breeze. The bow I’m not 100% convinced is actually necessary for this dress but it doesn’t look all that bad.

What is more perfect than the little black dress? The little black mini dress! Out of all the dresses within this segment, the little black mini dress truly has the most longevity. It will never go out of style because everyone knows the little black dress is a classic that every woman should have. Sure eventually it will be too cold to wear your little black mini dress and that will be the day you pull out any color, preferably a very bright color, of tights and a wrap for your shoulders and wear the little black mini dress anyway. The only thing I do not like about this dress is the belt loops look like they protrude from the dress. That just means they are going to get snagged or ripped off sooner or later.

When worn the hem of this mini, which is gathered in with elastic, will not have a traditional creased hem but a whimsical bubble instead. The bubble hem is a very popular among mini dresses. For those of you who can stand to add a little extra fluff to your backside this dress is a great look on you. For those of you who already have too much booty in their pants, you’re probably not going to like what this dress will do for your figure.

No matter what type of figure you have, if you have nice legs then you already know it and you know you should be wearing a mini dress this summer. C’mon ladies let your beautiful gams breathe in a minidress.

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