Purple People Pleasers

Purple People Pleasers – Purple purple purple! It’s every where you look and I couldn’t be happier. Purple is the latest color to break the color code  by changing from complimentary  to neutral. That’s right you read me right, these purple purses will act as a neutral in the over all scheme of your ensemble.

Because of this purse Alexander Mcqueen and I can now be friends. Best friends if he really wants it that way… The way I feel about this plump purple wonder is hard to describe because if it was mine I would love it so dearly. If you wanted to you could fit all of your daily and maybe even over night needs into this bag.


The only concern I have for this bag is the fact that it is patent leather. While I’m sure it is of the highest quality of purple patent leathers available, that stuff is still liable to tear and or crack. With patent leathers you have to be weather conscious at all times, too much heat your bag may loose shape and too much cold will crack or split. I kid you not, a bitter cold day in Brooklyn, New York caused my favorite black patent leather bag to be laid to rest after incurring far too many tiny cracks to patch up. I’m still sad about it and its summer now!

Here we have the Bay bag from Chloe. I love the almost pre-worn leather this purse is made of. The quilting along the majority of the purse is really nice too. It makes me think this purse would actually be a great investment. The more stitching on a purse I see the more I think of  that particular purse’s added durability. While this may not be true because if remember what I learned in  good ol’ textiles class correctly  you really shouldn’t puncture leather any more that necessary. I think we are all fooled by this alleged misconception. Anyway this looks like a fantastic purse, just look at the way it stand up alone, you’ll never find patent leather that does that.

The Fendi “Spy bag” pictured above is a cult classic no matter what color it comes in. We are just fortunate that this season it is available in rich almost royal purple. The “Spy bag” is pretty infamous, its name has been mentioned  by the likes of Jay z in his verse on Beyonce’s  “Upgrade You” and Fat Joe on his hit “I won’t tell”.   This purse is a status symbol no matter what color it comes in.

Perhaps we are seeing so much purple because we are also seeing the use of bright yellow a lot more. While purple and yellow are complimentary to each other we do not need to limit ourselves to only this color combination.


The sooner you try  it yourself is the sooner you will find out that the right purple will go will anything. I suggest if you do buy a purple purse or any purple statement piece to make sure it is a true purple and not a lavender or plum. Be patient and selective and the purple purse you find will carry you all through summer and into the fall with ease.

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