Party Party Party Dresses : Part Two

Party Party Party Dresses : Part Two – It’s Saturday and the party dresses are still jumpin’ and itchin’ to go out another night. We already know street wear has the graphics game on lock, so none of today’s dresses will be cartoony or kitschy in anyway. Today we will see street wear at its finest.

Oooooohweee! This is considered street wear? Well then street wear must be on the come up or BB Dakota is on the come up to be more specific. This dress is called the  “Boon”. Lurex isn’t utilized nearly as often as it should be. For those of you who forgot to attend or didn’t take textiles class, Lurex is what gives this dress its metallic sheen. The gold bubbles all over this dress will make people do a double take and when you put your hands in the hidden pockets, they’re all gonna stare. So just make sure you pose into it when you do.


The orange background of this fabric is perfect for summer, because it is one of the hottest colors for the summer and it will bring out the warmth in every skin tone tan or not.

Above is a lovely little number is by a brand called Soundgirl. This dress is aptly named “Belinda”. I wish I could have Belinda over to my house for a spot of tea and crumpets. Garden parties all over the world have been waiting for a dress like this to walk in. The ribbon and bow around your waist will make you feel like a present maybe even a surprise. There is just something so girly and exciting about this dress. I want it.

The Triple 5 Soul  “A380” isn’t overtly sexy or over embellished. It is simple, clean and chic. There are times when you want to go out  and look good but you don’t want to show off your assets, you just want to be cute and comfortable. This is the dress you wear when you have that attitude. While this look is more toned down it is still capable of being very sexy with the right shoes, hair and accessories. This is another good dress to wear with a statement shoe or maybe jewelry that is ordinarily too chunky or powerful .

Does this look like a best seller to you?  I just don’t see it but it is a best seller at some online retailers. This “Spank”  dress by  NYC Boutique is a little frumpy for me. Although I will admit I can see plenty of reason why this dress is still cute to so many women. Starting from the top the wide mouth peter pan color looks comfortable and it is not common at all.


Moving right along to the tuxedo-esque panel on the bodice of the dress, it is a fabulous way to break up all the vertical stripes in the fabric with horizontal stripes and silly ruffles. And lastly to the pockets and thigh yoke, I don’t know what it is about pockets but they seem to be popping up on a lot of dresses.


I can only guess that is because what women want and I say give the people what they want. Personally this dress reminds me of two Mcdonalds characters at once. The Hamburglar because of the thin convict stripes on the fabric and Grimace because of the lumpy gum drop silhouette.

Well I don’t know about you but I am ready to get up an go have fun. Not without picking out the perfect party dress first of course. Even if you normally just wear jeans and cute top to the club you really owe it to yourself to find out exactly why they call them party dresses.

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