Party Party Party Dress – Part One

Party Party Party Dress – Part One – It’s Friday!!! In honor of the weekend and the party feeling that consumes 80% every weekend I wanted to review some party dresses. Every dress in the following two segments will be from a different street wear label, I want to show the variety that street wear is beginning to offer. Street wear doesn’t just mean t-shirts and obnoxious logo repetition any more.

This little number is the “Lucy” made by  Rojas. I’ve never heard of Rojas before so perhaps in the future I will have to give them a full brand review so we can all get to know them a little better.  Lately I have been wanting more and more yellow in my wardrobe. This dress would be a perfect addition to said wardrobe. The triangles are a little 80’s but this dress is definitely going to get you a lot of compliments.

Is there any question about who made this dress? It’s pure Toki Doki duh. This dress makes me want to spin like the little records that are featured in the print. The neckline and empire waist are going to flatter a wide range of bust sizes so don’t worry if you don’t think you have the cleavage for this dress. The triangle cups make it look like anyone has the cleavage for this dress. Besides with all of the crazy things like pink hair tattooed ladies in the print, no one is going to notice your cleavage or lack there of anyway. This dress belongs at a barbeque and I say that because most people w ill be dressed down while you will be ever so casually dressed up and thusly stealing the show.

Here we have the “Anabelle” shirt dress  by Pa:nuu. I really have no clue about Pa:nuu, as in where they are from, how long the label has existed, and who is that pig? Regardless of who the pig is I am glad he is here on this dress.


Without the pig this dress would be mediocre at best but with our little oinker it is a winner. If you wear this dress I hope you don’t wear it with boots like this model did, it just makes her look shorter than she needs to be.

We have all heard of Stussy before but we may have never heard of the “Bangle” dress before. This dress is just great! Yea it is pretty simple but don’t you see how fun that is? We can wear virtually any accessories we want with this dress because of its simplicity.


This same principle means we could wear a statement shoe instead of just shoes to match the dress. If you don’t know what I mean by a statement shoe, I mean those pairs of shoes that we all have that are too ornate or out there basically shoes that take the attention away from the rest of your outfit. This dress is a great base for a lot of cute looks.

I’m so excited for this two part series! If you thought you liked this installment wait until you see what part two has in store for you.

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