Okay Baby Phat

Okay Baby Phat – Baby phat is one of those street wear labels that is known for its signature logo. The Baby Phat cat is on everything that is Baby Phat. Their logo is the core of almost all the designs that come out of Baby Phat. If the cat isn’t printed into a pattern for a shirt it is somewhere embroidered on the pockets or maybe nested within the metal embellishments.

Look at how pretty this shirt is! And you can barely even see the big gold Baby Phat cat embroidered on the side of this shirt. I love ruffles. I love them even more when they are this bright. The madras was a great choice of fabric for this shirt. As far as summer goes madras really captures the spirit of a luxurious summer. This shirt is so sexy and it doesn’t even show any cleavage, in fact it barely shows any skin at all.

See now this is where I get confused. On the website it says that this is a top. And here we see this “top” very clearly being worn as a dress. While I normally would see nothing wrong with a shirt that can function as a top or a dress this particular item made me raise an eye brow. My eye brow was raised due to the fact that if this woman even so much as leans forward you will see all of her goodies and then some. Sure that’s fine if that’s how you want to dress but with a brand like Baby Phat that has convinced themselves and their consumers that they are a “classy” luxury brand, I just don’t think they should encourage the possible embarrassment of their target market.

Do you recognize this face on this tank top? That’s right its Baby Phat founder Kimora Lee Simmons.

have her face printed all over. If there is one thing to be said of Kimora it is that she is very vain. On the bright side, I really like the novel use of gold print on this tank top. Really this is a cute idea, maybe I’m just hating because I want my face to be on money too.

I’m positive the Baby Phat cat is somewhere within the print of this shirt but I couldn’t say where. That alone is reason enough to love this shirt . Another reason would be, bright colors like hot pink and Teal mean you now get to wear some really eye catching accessories or even better in my book, black. Black bangles or maybe a shiny black belt would do the trick. I bet you didn’t even notice the peek-a-boo shoulder did you?

Oh Baby Phat what am I going to do with you? I want to love you because sometimes you dazzle me with shirts like that ruffled one from up top and then other times you miss out on details like the mismatched pattern on the blouse above. I’m keeping the faith, I believe in a few years Baby Phat may mature as a brand as its target market will eventually mature. Maybe that’s when I’ll start buying Baby Phat….

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