Nylon Makes Jewerly?

Nylon Makes Jewerly? – I’m not really sure what the inspiration for this whole Nylon jewelry collection was. If I had to take a stab at it I would say these are all objects I recognize from childhood except the deer head which would have just freaked me out as a child. There has to be a common thread in all of the pieces of this collection perhaps by the end of this article I will have figured out exactly what it is.

Dang that’s one mad deer! I guess I would be too if someone shot me and kept me around a reminder of their “strength”. I don’t like hunting or the practice of displaying the heads of the slain on the walls of ones house. This necklace puts lends a sense of humor back into the whole hunting scenario. This necklace is unisex at its best. It is ironic enough to appeal to women and masculine enough for the men. All hunting connotations aside I love this necklace.

Ice cream is normally a associated with words like cool and refreshing but this season that’s not the case., Ice cream is so hot right now. From ice cream cones to ice cream bars, this sweet inspiration is dripping all over the accessories world lately. Although I have never seen an ice cream bar with rainbow sprinkles, these are made from tiny glass beads. The idea of sprinkles is exciting but I think they would have been bettered suited on a donut or perhaps a cupcake.

Lego as a fashion statement, they said it could never be done. Legos are everywhere in the world of accessories right now. The most notable appearance would have to be the Lego belt buckles made by Marc Jacobs. I loved legos as a child and I love them still as an adult as a pendant on this necklace. The robot shape of this pendant makes it much more memorable in comparison to other Lego pieces, for example the Marc Jacobs belt buckles I was referring to just look like 4×6 bricks of Lego, kind of boring. If these two accessories got into a fight the robot would definitely win.

Mixtapes are long gone and so is the romance associated with them. It used to be that you would communicate your feelings to someone on a cassette tape filled with music that illustrated your love and or infatuation with them, however times have certainly changed. Cassette tapes are now obsolete and many would argue that romance has suffered the same fate. Lucky for us we can keep the idea and magic of the mixtape alive with this necklace. I’ve never heard the Nylon mix but I will just pretend it is full of slow jams and thoughtful raps dedicated solely to me.

I have bad news and good news. The bad news is I still don’t know what the central idea is for this collection. The good news  is I no longer care because my enthusiasm for Nylon jewelry as a whole has grown by leaps and bounds. I look forward to collections to come and hope they will be a little more cohesive. If they are not I will still probably like them anyway…..

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