New Prep Style Pioneers

New Prep Style Pioneers – There is a old notion is that the essence of prep style is assimilation with the country club and yacht set, but thanks to new prep style pioneers we can breathe a little individuality into this uniquely American style. This style had a surge of popularity in the 1980’s but has since grown stale. Despite how you feel about preppy people socially, there is hardly a negative thing to be said about their sense of style.


For example Andre 3000 of the Atlanta, Georgia based group Outkast can often be found wearing prep style. Below André3000 is shown in a classically prep piece the sweater vest. If André3000 had chosen to wear khaki pants with his sweater vest he would be rocking prep style from head to toe but thankfully he chose to keep it a little street by switching it up and wearing jeans.

Kanye West and Pharell Williams also like to borrow from Prep style. They both have been wearing polo and lacoste on too many occasions to count. Many people refuse to acknowledge the fact that a lot of rapper dress preppy, the aforementioned entertainers simply embrace the style without stigma. Come to think of it, if you were to ask kanye he would say that he is responsible for the influx of prep style in hip hop today, but I digress.

Moving right along to another set of new prep style pioneers: the cast of Gossip Girl.

For those of you who don’t know, Gossip Girl is a popular CW teen drama about wildly rich and privately educated New York high society teens with a penchant for underage drinking and parties. I’m not sure what school they are attending but their uniforms are much more stylish than any prep academy I’ve seen.

Notice how they are all wearing headbands? They have all adapted their school uniforms to fit their personalities but the headband reminds us, their still preppy. It’s the little details in prep style that really make the difference such as the lack of ostentation jewelry and wild hair styles.

Maybe you think that this whole idea sounds too expensive. Don’t worry!? You can find plenty of the items you will need to put together a prep outfit at lower prices in thrift stores, department store clearance sections and Ebay. If you choose your clothes correctly, people won’t know how much you’ve saved unless you tell them. Fake it ‘till you make it right?

Let’s not forget prep style is not all about uniforms and old money label exclusivity anymore. Because we cannot rely on these same old money labels (i.e. Polo by Ralph Lauren, Lacoste) to switch up their design style, we instead can look forward to seeing our new prep style pioneers rock those designs in a whole new way

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