My Daughter Wanted to Come Live with Me

When I found out I had a daughter, I was so surprised. I had no idea, and I wanted to become a part of her life. She still lived with her mother, but the two of us got very close. After about a year of spending time together and realizing I loved her more than life itself, she told me she wanted to move out of her mother’s house. I was excited about becoming a full time dad, and the two of us picked out an apartment at the Regency at Outlook Canyon complex.

The sad thing about this is that her mother didn’t even care. Or, maybe that is the really good thing about this. I knew that I could offer my daughter the life she had never had, and she would be blessing me even more. The two bedroom apartment that we chose meant that she would not have to go to a new school, and it actually put me a little closer to my work too. We looked at quite a few apartments, and we chose this one because of the layout of the apartment.

It is two levels. The bottom level is just the garage and some storage space. The upper level is where we live. At the top of the steps is my bedroom, and there is a bath and laundry area right there too. Going down the hallway takes you into the dining room, and then to the living room. The kitchen is off to one side, and the balcony is on the other. The master bedroom, or princess bedroom as she calls it, is off another side of the living room. She has her own private bath and two huge walk in closets. That is why I wanted her to have that bedroom, and she had no problem taking it! I am just thrilled to have this relationship in my life now, and there will never be anything more important to me than showing my daughter how much I love her.

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