Love Mother Earth, Love Organic Cotton

Love Mother Earth, Love Organic Cotton – In the interest of mothers day let’s talk about how we can help save our mother earth by buying organic cotton! Ask anyone what fabric they are currently wearing and 9 times out of 10 the answer is cotton. Many are not even conscious of the fact that they are wearing cotton due to the wide variety of weaves and knits available. From the biggest to the smallest we can all do our part for mother earth by buying more organic cottons.

All of the t-shirts above are made from Organic cotton thanks to Swedish retailer H&M. Not only do these t-shirts promote the use of organic cotton they are part of a collaboration series with Designers against AIDS to spread aids awareness. H&M really knows how to kill two environmentally conscious birds with one stone.

Organic cotton is not just for t shirts it is also for creating whatever a designer can dream up. The dresses above are both made of organic cotton and act as a perfect example of the limitlessness of said cotton. Most people expect organic cotton dresses to be reminiscent of “Little House on the Prairie. Those same people would never even know you were wearing organic cotton. Both dresses are made by Stewart+Brown and are available  Men are always complaining about the lack of variety in clothing that is available to them.


Unfortunately in the new market of organic cottons that is still pretty true. On the bright side the organic cotton American Apparel plain white T’s pictured above are available in a 3 pack thus making them way more affordable than buying an organic cotton designer dress.

When it comes to organic cotton clothes babies really get the lions share. They have everything to outfit your baby in organic cotton from head to toe. Not only are the clothes super cute such as bear outfit above they are also privy to a wider range of colors to choose from. Although many purists will say that babies should only be wearing unbleached organic cotton, we do not all have to be such sticklers.

These little beetle diapers do not even look like what most people picture when they think of cloth diapers. They are plush and soft, made of organic cotton velour, and they are so much better for the environment than plastic diapers. There are biodegradable diapers on the market now but due to the fact that most of them still won’t completely degrade for 100+ years they are hardly a competitive solution when compared to cloth diapers, especially organic cotton cloth diapers.  Just look at how cute they are, and I bet you won’t even miss the plastic sounds from your babies old diapers.

With so much to choose from we should all have at least one piece of organic cotton clothing in our closets or dressers. One thing to be noted is that there is organic cotton underwear available for men, women and babies. So really there is no way to say that there isn’t anything made from organic cotton that you can use, because we all need undies right?

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