Lace Me Up Please

Lace Me Up Please – Lace is back and I am rolling out the red carpet for it’s timely return. Gone are the days when lace was relegated to predominately Victorian inspired garments. The lace of fall 2008 is much younger, sexier and edgier.

I love this dress from Balmain’s fall 2008 collection. I don’t understand the choice of booties instead of some sort of pump but that’s ok. The best part of this dress is the basically invisible bateau neckline. I just like the way it lies right along the collar bone. These sleeves are pretty sweet too, I love a ¾ length sleeve .
Is it just me or is this look pretty much made for Victoria Beckham?
Above we see lace being used in a couple of different ways at Chanel. First you noticed the lace stockings with a design that is so unconventional I don’t know what it is supposed to resemble. And second if you look close you will notice the robe the model is wearing is made of lace trimmed in lace. You can see right through it making it very cool temperature wise and very hot in the way of sex appeal.
This gold gilded lace frock is from the Derek Lam 2008 is a littler grandma if you ask me. From the modest neckline to the knee length, there’s not a lot of sex appeal in this lace. Once again I am at a loss for nice things to say about this design so I just won’t say anything else at all.
This lace look comes to us from designer L’Wren Scott. Prior to this dress I had never heard of L’Wren Scott, this dress caught my eye and begged me to learn more. Soon I’ll post a whole review of her 2008 fall collection. Until then we can still enjoy her interpretation of the lace trend in the dress pictured above .


Unlike all of the other designs we have seen that actually contain traditional lace, the fabric of this dress has a lace design printed on top of it with a scalloped edge. Pretty clever, just what you should expect from L’Wren Scott.
The designers at Phi are never scared to be different. They have taken the lace trend to a new level by combining the black lace that practically ever other design house is using and pairing with hot pink almost magenta underneath. I must say I am intrigued to know more of Phi after seeing how they flip the trends to their advantage. Above we see another lace robe similar to what we saw at Chanel. Maybe the robes are a developing trend in themselves .
Trend forecasting is so important when it comes to staying on top of the fashion game. It’s all about knowing what to look out for first. After you know that how you will handle and embellish the trends you see is completely up to you. I’m excited to see being used in a more modern way. The fall of 2008 is shaping up to be a really sexy season .

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