Jeffrey Campbell Shoes : Part Two

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes : Part Two – It is getting way too hot to wear covered toe shoes. That means pumps, sneakers and most flats are now obsolete until say September. Good thing for us Jeffrey Campbell has plenty of sandal styles available for the summer. If he can make a comfortable high heel he can definitely make a flat shoe feel like a dream.

Do you see anything even remotely Japanese about this sandal? Yeah, I don’t see it either and yet the folks at Jeffrey Campbell allowed this shoe to be called the “Akira”. There is obvious Native American influence  all over this shoe. From the thin leather straps to the discs adorned with seed beads in a very Native American pattern. You could definitely rock these shoes with some of the Native American inspired beaded accessories that are available. For example beaded bangles would really set these shoes off.

Here we see more of the same Native American influence. The brown leather fringe reminds me of Cher but not current Cher. I’m talking Sonny and Cher, Cher. If you look closely you can see the convenient zipper along the back panel of this sandal allowing you to slip your foot in and out of these shoes without having to tinker with four different buckles. Instead of calling these shoes sandals I feel like they should be called something like summer moccasins.


That way when you describe them to someone they will have a better idea of what you mean. These summer moccasins will make you want to run with buffalo along the plains.

Gladiator flats are huge for summer. Above  we see a gold studded trip back in time to the lions den of ancient Rome. While you may not have such a great time running for your life in these sandals you definitely could do just about everything else. Depending on what part of the world you’re from with the right maxi you may even want to wear these shoes on a night out.

This sandal is called the mystic. I don’t know what is so mystic about it but they do look really comfortable at least. One thing you should keep in mind when wearing a shoe that has so little to work with is that your feet better be in top shape because that’s all people are going to see. You can’t hide your chipped toe nail polish or dry heels in this shoe.  As long as you keep your feet looking right these shoes will be your best summer friends.

After looking at all of these sandals I want a pedicure so bad I can already smell the sea salt scrub. Jeffrey Campbell wants you to have fun even if you are going to be walking and that is evident in the variety of sandals he has  come up with. I don’t own any Jeffrey Campbell sandals but I will soon and when I do I will report back to let you know just how comfortable they really are.

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