Jeffery Campbell Shoes: Part One

Jeffery Campbell Shoes: Part One – I love Jeffery Campbell shoes! I own a few pairs and ever since the day I have bought them they have worked their way into the biweekly rotation. There is something really special about the soft typically suede sole of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Today we will see a selection of what is available from Jeffrey Campbell that is in stores right now.

Awwwww Saddle shoes! These shoes bring me back to my childhood when I would sit in front of the t.v watching “Happy Days” reruns, all the while secretly coveting Joanie’s saddle shoes. Of course the technical term for this style of shoe is Oxfords, I suppose that sounds more official than saddle shoes.


Regardless of what you call them you probably had a pair of shoes like this at one point in your life or at least you wanted some at one point in your life. If only these shoes came with metal taps on the bottoms so I could really relive some of my earliest shoe memories. Other than the sentimental value these shoes have for me these shoes are not your typical oxfords they have cut out embellishment that our childhood shoes never had.

Moving right along to a more mature Oxford. High heeled Oxford’s like this harken back to the 1930’s speak easy’s where librated young women would step in their Oxfords until the early morning drunk off ill-gotten booze. Maybe that’s Jeffrey Campbell call this the “Steppin Oxford”. This shoe is made for swing and all kinds of dancing. If this shoe were to come in brighter colors, for instance maybe a purple and pink combination I would be in heaven.

Mothers lock up your son’s because this shoe has come to seduce your babies. The corset style lacing is what makes this  shoe so sexy. The laces and grommets attract attention to all the pretty curves of your feet and the peep toe will reveal just enough of your toes so that everyone can see your brand new pedicure. If I didn’t already own a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes I would doubt the comfort level these shoes can provide. However based on my own personal experience I can say that Jeffery Campbell shoes really are the best of both worlds, sexy and comfortable at the same time.

Colored faux gem stones are every where this summer. We previously saw this trend at the Christian Dior resort runway shoes where almost every ensemble had some sort of stone securely fastened to it. I’m all for incorporating more color into your wardrobe so I support this trend whole heartedly. Chunky details like the rectangular gem on the T-strap of this shoe are eye catching and flattering for all of us. The only question that remains is are these considered open toe pumps or sandals? You tell me.

I can’t believe I have run out of time before I could show you some more summer appropriate shoes. I will save that for next time. Let’s not forget all of the great styles we have seen today for they themselves can be worn throughout the summer and beyond.

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