House Of Dereon – They’re Trying

House Of Dereon – They’re Trying – Is the House of Dereon just another lame celebrity clothing label? I will let you be the judge. Also let me take this time to put in my “I love Beyonce either way” disclaimer. Beyonce and her mother are reportedly responsible for the designs that come out of the House of Dereon.


What I have been wondering is why are so many of the designs unlike anything Beyonce would actually be seen in public in? I know she wouldn’t be caught style slippin’ in all those cluttered metallic t-shirts. Today we will take a look at what I consider to be the best of what the House of Dereon currently has to offer.

This bubble mini dress is a good start for the summer; the color is a little dark for my taste though I would wait until the end of summer wear this dress. The shoulder and bust straps are embellished with tiny gold metal studs.  Of all the dresses available in the House of Dereon line this was one of the few that made the cut for Beyonce’s “Freakum Dress” video.

There are times when I think overalls should only be seen on farmers and children and then again there are moments of weakness when I can see myself strutting around a club in some sexy skinny jean overalls. These overalls are perfect for that moment of weakness. The best part is the zip off overall bib so when you come to your senses after your moment of weakness has passed you are left with a great pair of skinny jeans that can be worn with anything.  I like that the House of Dereon gives you the option to be a little daring by wearing overalls but gives you your full moneys worth by offering a zip off bib. It’s genius.

Plus size designs are plentiful at the House of Dereon. It is nice of Beyonce to keep all women in mind as to not leave anyone out. We all need cute tops and jeans for our daily lives no matter what size. As far as plus sizes go there aren’t very many dresses available, however I remain optimistic that this will change in the future.

I like neon and I do not like this shirt. I think it really lacks in effort compared to the more complex graphics on other House of Dereon shirts. It seems pretty easy to have fun with neon color ways I don’t know why they didn’t take full advantage of the whole shirt or even play with the placing of the rather bland text. Even the font on this shirt is boring!

Overall I was disappointed with the House of Dereon and I even gave it a little more slack than other labels due to the time schedule Beyonce has or rather the lack of time in her schedule to focus on designing. Unfortunately the lack of focus is very evident and the trend biting is rampant. I will keep my hopes high for the House of Dereon though, I have faith in Beyonce. Hopefully one day she will bring the style she has on the red carpet and in videos to her floundering line House of Dereon.

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