Future So Bright, You Need Some New Shades

Future So Bright, You Need Some New Shades – New sunglasses are the gift we  give ourselves every summer. Sure you can buy sunglasses year round but never is it easier to justify than in the heat of summer before your vacation. Or like so many of us you might buy your sunglasses on vacation because you packed so fast you forgot yours at home. Whatever the case we all need to protect our eyes, we may as well do it glamorously. Today we will view a small selection of women’s sunglasses from a sampling of our favorite luxury brands.

Meet Margaux. Margaux is classic vintage chic provided by Tom Ford. The overall tortoise shell tinge to these glasses have a 70’s Hollywood feel. If worn with feathered hair and gold lip gloss would be Tom Ford signature style sexy at it’s best. If you have something to hide the slight mirror on the lenses of dear Margaux really won’t help you. These glasses will protect your eyes from the sun but not from eye contact with others.

If I don’t think about what tortoise shell really is I just looove it!  Fear not dear readers, no turtles were harmed in the making of these Miu Miu Sunglasses.


The warm brown with subtle gold running gently amok within it always stops me in my tracks. I don’t wear rectangular frames but  these are so cute I still want someone else to wear them.

These Dolce & Gabana’s are a little confusing but in a good way. I can see all kinds of people men and women asking to try your sunglasses on when you wear these. Based upon the price tag I wouldn’t really let too many people play dress up in my sunglasses but how could they resist asking? These glasses are fun and even I want to see how I look in them.

Check it out!! That black and white squiggly area is actually a snake. There is no close up to do it real justice but trust me its really cute. I also love that the lenses don’t wrap around with the glossy black frames. These sunglasses are so sleek, like a snake without the creepy scaly feel.

Well I sure could go for a new pair of sunglasses right about now. Half of the fun of buying new sunglasses has to be the transformation feeling you get when you stray from your normal style or shape. This year I implore you to try something new, if you normally wear Jackie O’s try something more rectangular or if you normally go vintage try something a little more minimal and modern and so on. Change, like the sunlight will do you good.

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