FreshJive Still Running Game

FreshJive Still Running Game – As far as street wear brands go FreshJive has been around the block. They have been hot and played out too many times to count. Right now, fortunately for them, their men’s wear is hot again. FreshJive is like street wear training wheels. Fashion know-it-all’s may scoff at you for rockin’ FreshJive but that is just because they have all been done that. If you’re new to the street wear game you have to start your style somewhere and FreshJive is as good of a brand as any of the others.

I’m glad the designers at FreshJive are still proud to be from Los Angeles. It feels like so much of the street wear industry is based in New York or  has New York attitude. This tee comes in two color ways, both of  which are Los Angels Lakers colors. Poor Lakers they may not have been able to beat the Celtics in the finals but Los Angelinos are still proud of them. Whether they win or lose their colors continue represent Los Angeles to the fullest.

I had to speak on these jeans because they’re called “Classic’s”. First off these jeans are way too stacked. No matter how long your legs are you will have a lot of extra sag, if that’s what you’re into. Secondly the crotch length on these pants looks way too long. These “Classic’s” ride the line between skinny and wide leg jeans. I’m not saying these are bad jeans by any means. I just think if you’re going to call these “Classic’s” they should try to be a little more timeless.

I thought I could give an objective review of this shirt but the model just looks too dorky. It’s distracting. All I can say is I love basketball court graphic especially the proportion. If it didn’t take up the whole shirt it would lose a lot of cool points.

This shirt proudly states “Fairfax still running game” along with some other writing that I can’t make out right now. While the state of Fairfax in the game is debatable the green and yellow on black color combination is hot without a doubt. I’m so glad the designers at FreshJive are not stuck on the day glow color ways that the rest of street wear seems to be hooked on.

FreshJive may have a hip hop only image right now but their target market used to be completely different, Before urban was the way to go FreshJive was the brand of choice for  raver’s across the country and especially on the west coast of the United States. That is not a bad thing. That just goes to show how many changes this brand has made and still managed to stay relevant in street wear as a whole. FreshJive is still running game.

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