Fashionable Women

Fashionable Women – Are You A Woman Of Fashion?

Often when most women hear the word fashion, the first image that comes to mind is tall thin woman, portrayed as a model walking across the street looking as though she just stepped off the cover of a fashion magazine. We picture a woman of fashion as being someone who looks glamorous, and dressed in the latest costly designer. Of course this is because women are what make the fashion industry so alluring and a lucrative business.

A model walks down the catwalk during the Gianni Versace show as part of Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2008 on September 27, 2007 in Milan, Italy.

While it can not be dismissed that men have become more aware of how they look and their appearance its still women in society who run the fashion scene.

Rarely will you find many women who is not up to date about the latest fashion styles, including clothes, shoes, accessories, and even makeup or how to do their hair. All its worth mentioning that women have the upper hand on how to make an outfit work even when no one else is really wearing it or if its not the hot thing at hand.

Have you ever noticed that some of the most fashionable and trendiest women in the world really don’t follow the styles that others are wearing. They often choose what they feel is comfortable, trendy, and basically looks good to them. While to many an ensemble may look horrid, to the criticizing fashion aficionado, these designs are what draws attention and stands out from everything else. These outfits tend to become popularized with the fashion world much quicker than the thing that half of the world is choosing to wear because everyone else is.


Another thing that often many people don’t notice is how fashionable women present themselves. They appear natural looking in no matter what they wear. This is because many times these ladies are not wearing a ton of makeup and what little they are looks as if they are wearing none. They choose not to wear tons of expensive jewelry or over doing the layers of clothing they wear.


Their confidence in themselves often turn heads and create a stir in the fashion world. They are comfortable in what they are wearing and they don’t mind if they aren’t the center of attention. Being confident and presenting yourself for who you really are will often turn heads without realizing it.

For women. their choice in fashion sense fits them that often they are the only who who really understand their chosen style. This however does not mean that your assemble is admired or appreciated, because the more capability that you have of wearing a style that most can’t pull off and look good in it the more you will stand out. This is because some fashion looks just can’t be worn by certain people and if you are one of the few who can do it then you will definitely be admired for it, and your innovative taste in fashion will also be honored.

If you have yet to discover your own fashion sense, take a breath and give it another go. Its never to late to find your inner fashion designer. Always remember that while your fashion sense may be something that others might not desire, if it makes you feel good about yourself and your comfortable in what your wearing then you should never change it. Its okay to go with something different at times but just don’t forget who you are and become lost in the fashion followers world.

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