Disney Gets Grown And Sexy

Disney Gets Grown And Sexy – Disney, like Barbie are childhood brands that are now trying to cross over into adult interests. Disney now has brand called Disney Couture. This brand promotes a more fashion forward vision of Disney characters on t-shirts, purses and jewelry. The are a lot of pieces in this collection and some were a little cheesy. I set out to present you with the cream of the crop.

Tinkerbell has a huge presence in the Disney Couture jewelry line. She is on a variety of pieces like rings and earrings. The earrings we see above are not just any old hoops but with tinkerbell in the middle. Instead the hoops are made to look like a bunch of tiny connected leaves. There are another pair of hoop earrings with Tinkerbell sitting inside of them which are actually a lot cuter than these and they’re less cheesy. Unfortunately the photos of those particular earrings are really bad for some reason, sorry guys.

I’ve always told myself when I’m filthy rich I’m going to have a treasure chest full of gems and gold doubloons. Why you might ask? Because I’ve always want to laugh maniacally while rummaging through a fully loaded treasure chest. I guess I just really want that cartoon villain moment to be real.


The closest I can come to a fully loaded treasure chest is the pendant pictured above. From this view you can only see the glittering gems and gold leaf interior but if you put the top down this tiny chest looks exactly like the chest of treasure from Peter Pan. This same treasure chest is also featured as a cocktail ring which also opens up to show the loot within. If you ask me I’d rather have the cocktail ring for obvious reasons such as the large size of the ring and the fact it opens and closes just like the pendant does only it looks much cooler on your hand than on your neck.

This necklace embodies the narcissistic side of every name plate necklace ever made. Instead of just letting passers by the name of who their gawking at this necklace will let them know that you are in fact the fairest of them all. Who needs a magic mirror to tell you that when you can tell the world yourself? This necklace is one of the most subtle pieces from the Disney Couture jewelry line.


If it weren’t for that ruby red poison apple people wouldn’t know this was Disney affiliated at all.

There is not a whole lot to say about this golden bow ring. All kinds of designers have been cashing in on little bow craze. As far as the Disney couture jewelry line goes they should feel justified in using little bow because the brand its self represents fairy tales. When we were children we believed that Disney could wrap the whole world up into a little bow and sprinkle fairy dust on it until everything thing was alright.

From what I have seen so far the Disney Couture jewelry line seems to have a strong peter pan influence. Yes there are some references to snow white also but with Tinkerbell being the star of the show it is hard to deny the peter pan influence. Maybe that was the theme for this or last seasons collection and I just missed it? There is also an Alice in wonderland collection but I haven’t been able to find very many pictures of that. When I do find pictures I’ll definitely be letting you know.

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