Crookes & Castles : The Introduction

Crookes & Castles : The Introduction – I first heard of Crooks & Castles t-shirts about a year ago. From what I was hearing this was a brand that prided themselves on logo remixes. I say logo remixes because of many of the brand’s best selling t-shirts are the ones containing a Crookes & Castles logo that has been altered to look exactly like another brand logo. For example the Chanel remix was two Crookes & Castles C’s fashion into the iconic Chanel C’s. Now we all know a little bit of what to expect for Crookes & Castles let’s see what they have new in stores.

If this shirt is a yet another logo remix I guess I don’t know what the original logo looked like or what it was for. That being said this seems like a fine shirt but not a great graphic. You will see as we move through this segment the designers at Crookes & Castles are definitely more creative than just this.
Who said young brands can’t have their own accessories line? Even if the accessories line at Crookes & Castles is small If I saw a guy pull out a red leather wallet I would be really impressed that he was actually showing a little style in his choice of wallet.


Too many young men are rolling around with either generic leather or canvas wallets that look beyond chewed up because they bought them in high school.


As far as I’m concerned a wallet can be just like a handbag and it should be changed to match when the outfit dictates.
Should we call these Crookes & Castles C’s or Chanel C’s? Why not just call them island C’s since that appears to be the motif. At first the idea of a street wear brand using the illusion of Chanel to get attention made me feel a different way, pissed off if you will. But as I have become more familiar with the brand and I loosen up about the sanctity of old money labels such as Chanel, I’m starting to be a real Crookes & Castles fan. Yes they do use someone else logo as a jumping off point but it does not just stop there, the designers always had a little extra flair such as this island motif to make things more interesting while making them distinct at the same time.
By the looks of this segment I have spent too much time talking and not enough time showing the versatility of this up and coming street wear label.


In order to make it up to the folks at Crooks & Castles I’m going to extend this review into two pieces. Next time I promise you less talk and more pictures that prove why there is so much to be said of Crookes & Castles.

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