Coogi Can Do It

Coogi Can Do It – Some say Coogi is a world renowned clothing label, while others will simply give you a blank stare at the mention of the brand’s name.

I first saw Coogi on the “Cosby Show”. You know those really ugly sweaters Dr. Huxtable was always wearing? Those are Coogi the sweaters so if you think you had never heard of them before think again. Today I will not be talking about esteemed sweaters Coogi is known for; instead we will review the shorts available within the Coogi denim line.

Like many denim lines this season the designers at Coogi are trying out the high waisted look. I like the idea of high waisted shorts however from what I have seen on other women in public they can be really hit or miss. Wouldn’t it be nice if extra material on these shorts was detachable somehow? Perhaps in the future that is something we may see at Coogi or another brand.

If you can’t decide between high waisted or low rise shorts, these are for you.


This pair of Bermuda shorts comes with a yoke that makes up the different between low rise and high waisted shorts. Shorts with a mid rise are much more flattering to those of you out there with too much booty in their pants.


Think of how nice it would be to sit down without having to worry about your pants gaping in high waisted shorts or even worse are lowrise shorts that reveal your plumbers crack every time you bend that the waist. Being that these are still Coogi Bermuda shorts they have taken full advantage of the extra yoke space by embroidering their name in crazy rainbow letters.

Typically when I think of colored denim I am reminded of acid washed colored jeans of the 90’s, thankfully times have changed and the acid wash step has been completely thrown out the window. Colored denim is big in the Coogi line. This particular pair of shorts is available in electric blue, red and classic blue denim.  These bright red show stopper shorts, paired up with a great pair of heels, are not to be messed with.

These pretty purple Bermuda shorts are a probably the most plain pair of shorts in the whole line. That is not to say these shorts are boring, they are only plain in comparison to the overly ornate Coogi style. The rainbow stitching allows you to match virtually any color with these purple shorts.

The Coogi denim line is chock full of shorts of varying lengths, colors and denim washes. One thing you will want to remember when considering Coogi shorts for a purchase, are you ready for the whole world to look at your booty? Sure all shorts will attract more attention to your backside but shorts from Coogi will not only grab attention with their gratutitous use of rainbow embroidery on every pair, they will keep it there. Such a sudden influx of attention can be a real ego boost, just make sure you are ready to handle your new adoring fans.

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