Colorful Coogi Mens

Colorful Coogi Mens – Coogi is for the man who wants to be seen. That being said it is no surprise that so many rapper love Coogi so much they mention it in their rhymes. Yes most of the hip hop world is chasing Ed Hardy right now but Coogi has been a hip hop staple since Notorious BIG mentioned their name in “Juicy”. If Coogi is good enough for a hip hop legend it’s got to be good enough for you. If you’re ready for the attention that is.

I think Coogi took Hawaiian print to a whole new level with this button down. There is so much going on in this print the only discernible object I see is the parrot on a branch. This could be the perfect shirt for Birdman but I’m not sure who else. The island theme is fun and the color combination is actually on point.


As a whole the print is just too cluttered for my taste but I’d love to meet the man brave enough to rock the parrot button down.
This shirt is so pretty! It’s like wearing a kaleidoscope of colors. The possibilities for matching your sneakers are limitless due to the fact that every color in the rainbow is alive and well on this shirt. In some round about way I think all of the white circles spell out Coogi, pretty cool huh?
Apparently when it comes to scary shirts Surface to Air isn’t the only brand in the game, Coogi is right behind them. That looks like the profile of some kind of demon on this shirt. I’m not much for dark graphics like this but I do like the color combinations. In fact its really all the different oranges that make this graphic look so hellish to begin with. The orange topstitching on the sleeves is a nice touch too. I don’t know who the designers at Coogi are trying to scare but it’s working.
Coogi calls this the Zeus tee. You know Zeus like the Greek god, however I think the creature in the print is more of a gargoyle than anything. It doesn’t really matter what you call it because this shirt is hot. I like that the Coogi name is not the central focus of the shirt instead it is on the sleeve, chillin. This shirt speaks for its self, you know its Coogi without even seeing the name.
Coogi clothes really are for a specific kind of a guy. A flashy guy with enough attitude to back up any of his fashion decisions. To me that is awesome, it doesn’t happen often that men take fashion risks. Almost every piece from Coogi is a little bit of a fashion risk in itself. Coogi wearers everywhere I salute you.

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