Clutch My Heart

Clutch My Heart – When the summer hits I lose all desire to carry a purse when I go out at night. Adventurous summer nights do not mesh well with lugging around huge purses. What you really need is a clutch. Cute and compact with only your essentials inside. All of today’s clutches are black for no particular reason at all.

Yes that is real alligator. This Christian Louboutin clutch is made unapologetically from the skin of I don’t know how many alligators, probably just one since they are kind of huge. Never the less this clutch is all about luxury.


It looks a little on the mini clutch side so if you are interested in buying this purse don’t count on fitting much more than a credit card, cash, one key and a mini Dior lip gloss because this piece is about the size of your sunglasses case.

This Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch is a little on the masculine side don’t you think? That doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. With such minimal surface details you can rest assured that you won’t be at risk of loosing any random stones or baubles that may be attached to other clutches this season.


This clutch is pretty versatile,, it can be used as a clutch or a wallet which is great. Because that means you can, if you want to, bring your regular big summer purse in the car and leave it there whilst bringing only your most important items in your clutch and into the club/bar/ house party you are going to.

I am in awe of this clutch, with its tiny square stones glimmering in any light it can capture. The clasp on top of this clutch remind me of a Lego, only this would have to be the most glamorous Lego I have ever seen. Beloved handbag designer Devi Kroell is the master mind behind this precious piece. Can you tell that this one is my favorite? I don’t really go to many galas or balls where you would traditionally see a clutch of this caliber but please don’t think that should stop me or you from carrying such a brilliant clutch.

Dear Fendi, welcome back to my good graces. I knew there was a reason to keep the faith in Fendi. This whip-stitch clutch has restored that faith. I really like the stones on the surface of this clutch, and the over sized stitching is growing on me too. This clutch looks dangerously compact and maybe it is even smaller than the Christian Louboutin mini clutch from the top. Although I can’t really tell how wide this clutch will open up to be I have a feeling it has the same wallet/clutch  potential as the Marc  by Marc Jacobs clutch.

Look at the time! Who knew that all black would lead to an all positive review.


There’s so many clutches available right now you definitely don’t have to limit yourself to black. One thing to remember when choosing  your perfect clutch is to buy something you will not forget. Meaning you may set your clutch down walk away from it so you want to have something that is so memorable to you that you couldn’t possibly leave the party without it.

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