Not Your Typical Diet Regimen

I looked into the Medifast review because I decided to take some serious measures to lose weight and thought a planned meal plan could help accomplish that goal. We’ve all heard about diets that send you all your meals pre-packaged and all you need to do is prepare them and then follow the plan and soon the pounds just melt away. I was a bit skeptical that this type of diet would work for me because I just can’t give up the snacking. It’s not the meals that kill me, it’s all the junk I eat in between eating those meals.

What excited me about immediately about Medifast is that this is not your normal three squares a day plan. With Medifast you eat six meals and snacks a day! That is spread out throughout your day which sounded perfect for me. Do I want a snack? Sure and I am allowed one with this plan! It’s perfect. Continue reading “Not Your Typical Diet Regimen”