Let Them Eat Pastry

Let Them Eat Pastry – The Simmons family is ripe with design ideas. The first in the design game was Russel Simmons, uncle to the young ladies at pastry, and next came Kimora his wife, followed by Reverend Run, their dad. After seeing so many of their family elders with successful clothing and shoe labels it was natural for Vanessa and Angela to want to follow in their foot steps. The two came together to make Pastry, which functions as the name and central idea for their shoe and clothing line. Let’s see what Pastry has to offer in the way of clothes.

Oh great another pair of stacked skinny jeans, just what the world of street wear has been dying for. I don’t hate these jeans and what I like about them you can barely see, they have gold buttons down the side of the ankle. These buttons are really the only defining characteristic these jeans have that other skinny stacks don’t. That’s good enough I guess when you consider how many brands forget how similar their jeans look to everyone else’s. Hey, at least Vanessa and Angela are trying.

I don’t like this print but I’m stuck on the idea of reversible dress. A nice feature to this dress is that  it has built in support so you don’t have to wear a bra with it. Which is fabulous because exposed bra straps tend to be a fashion no-no. Sure its okay to bare your straps sometimes but not with a cocktail dress such as this. This dress would be great for light traveling, it won’t stay wrinkled for long because it is lycra and it has two looks that wouldn’t take up very much space in your luggage at all.

Man, I don’t even want to talk about this. Shirts that look like they have jewelry on them are severely played out. The silver lining to this shirt would be that you could match the fab cookie shoes on your shirt with the ones you’re wearing on your feet. Beyond that the idea has been done, and done so many times I’m a little irritated that any label would even think of  using this cliché idea again.

Mrs. Claus is that you? Of course not then this dress would need to be red but never the less it is still the first think I think when I see this dress. Maybe it’s the bands of white on what looks like velvet that really drive the Santa Claus similarities home. This dress also has a hood which you can’t see from this angle. The hood features a baby blue lace up similar to the front of the dress.


Also a silver print goes throughout the dress. Not a good look. There is just too much going on and not enough going right for this dress. I wouldn’t wear it, I would be interested to find someone who would.

The time has come to stop skirting the issue of talent. I won’t say that these two have no talent. I will say the talent they do have certainly could have been cultivated and one of the many other Simmons family brands. These clothes are basically Baby Phat with less skin. Maybe they should have asked for Auntie Kimora’s help when creating Pastry and she could have steered them away from completely biting her style. Pastry clothing is pretty much what I expected. As far as the footwear line goes all I can say is wait until you see the shoes.

Love Mother Earth, Love Organic Cotton

Love Mother Earth, Love Organic Cotton – In the interest of mothers day let’s talk about how we can help save our mother earth by buying organic cotton! Ask anyone what fabric they are currently wearing and 9 times out of 10 the answer is cotton. Many are not even conscious of the fact that they are wearing cotton due to the wide variety of weaves and knits available. From the biggest to the smallest we can all do our part for mother earth by buying more organic cottons.

All of the t-shirts above are made from Organic cotton thanks to Swedish retailer H&M. Not only do these t-shirts promote the use of organic cotton they are part of a collaboration series with Designers against AIDS to spread aids awareness. H&M really knows how to kill two environmentally conscious birds with one stone.

Organic cotton is not just for t shirts it is also for creating whatever a designer can dream up. The dresses above are both made of organic cotton and act as a perfect example of the limitlessness of said cotton. Most people expect organic cotton dresses to be reminiscent of “Little House on the Prairie. Those same people would never even know you were wearing organic cotton. Both dresses are made by Stewart+Brown and are available  Men are always complaining about the lack of variety in clothing that is available to them.


Unfortunately in the new market of organic cottons that is still pretty true. On the bright side the organic cotton American Apparel plain white T’s pictured above are available in a 3 pack thus making them way more affordable than buying an organic cotton designer dress.

When it comes to organic cotton clothes babies really get the lions share. They have everything to outfit your baby in organic cotton from head to toe. Not only are the clothes super cute such as bear outfit above they are also privy to a wider range of colors to choose from. Although many purists will say that babies should only be wearing unbleached organic cotton, we do not all have to be such sticklers.

These little beetle diapers do not even look like what most people picture when they think of cloth diapers. They are plush and soft, made of organic cotton velour, and they are so much better for the environment than plastic diapers. There are biodegradable diapers on the market now but due to the fact that most of them still won’t completely degrade for 100+ years they are hardly a competitive solution when compared to cloth diapers, especially organic cotton cloth diapers.  Just look at how cute they are, and I bet you won’t even miss the plastic sounds from your babies old diapers.

With so much to choose from we should all have at least one piece of organic cotton clothing in our closets or dressers. One thing to be noted is that there is organic cotton underwear available for men, women and babies. So really there is no way to say that there isn’t anything made from organic cotton that you can use, because we all need undies right?

Luxuirie By LRG – A Denim Story

Luxuirie By LRG – A Denim Story – The brand LRG is not widely known, so it is easy to see why  the women’s division, Luxuirie by LRG, is often overlooked. Not anymore. Today we will take a look at what the denim line for Luxuries has to offer us this summer.

Feast your eyes on the “Eye of the Tiger” jeans by Luxuirie. Hot pink skinny jeans will get any party started. While you can wear these jeans as every day beat arounds the are best suited for a night out.


Regardless of how you feel about the lower half of your body the whole word is going to stop and stare for two reasons.  Firstly, that pink is so bright you can hardly look away. Secondly,  they will be wondering how you had the nerve to stand out so much. If you’re rockin’ colored jeans already you know exactly what I mean. These jeans are super hot for summer. Go get ‘em tiger!

Wow. This skirt is even brighter than the previous jeans. I have seen a lot of electric blue denim this season but I do believe this is the first I have seen of what I like to call “Slimer” green. I say “Slimer” green because this mini skirt is the same color as “Slimer” from the movie Ghostbusters.  That one leopard print pocket is interesting. I’m not against it but none of the other jeans have a leopard print pocket so that makes this skirt a little curious. I really like the Luxuirie’s actual label, all that rainbow really does it for me.

I am crazy about these “Root” jeans! As you may already know I’m in love with skinny jeans in general but it is becoming increasingly difficult to find skinny jeans that aren’t stacked. Stacked meaning the jeans are cut extra long so they bunch up around your ankle and depending how skinny the jeans are they mar or may not fall over your heels. These jeans are perfect!! This dark wash is a blessing and a curse. At first these jeans may or may not stain light surfaces but in the long run once they get worn in and washed they will start to develop a whole new personality, that’s the gift. The same can be said of the “Block Party” jeans pictured below.

These jeans are classic, sexy cool. They are still a close enough to be booty flattering but the straight leg gives  these jeans a relaxed feel. This fit can be worn everywhere even to the office on jeans day with a cami and a cardigan. It makes sense that these jeans are called the Block Party because they are as fun as summer night spent with friends.

I love all of the different pocket styles Luxuirie uses. I especially like the pockets on the “Root” jeans. I’m really pleased with the denim line from Luxuirie by LRG. Luxuirie is not overdone and it is also not understated instead it exists somewhere in the middle. Who knew the happy medium could look so good?