TokiDoki Means Sometimes

TokiDoki Means Sometimes – The new arrivals from the TokiDoki clothing line are finally here. And let me be the first to say how much cooler this stuff is than what I have seen previously. When I bought my TokiDoki shirts the only thing that set them apart from all of my other t-shirts was the sweet graphics, other then that they were just plain t-shirts with a print just like all the rest. Thankfully for us and for the future of TokiDoki that has all changed. Drastically.

By the first glance this hooded shirt looks pretty average but lo and behold the back of this shirt holds a sweet surprise. Two darling clouds sharing a rainbow around your shoulder blades what could be better floating around such an unexpected keyhole back. I don’t know how the little record on the front plays into things with the clouds but it works.

This shirt has a very Custo feel to it, with the way that there is some sort of pattern or picture going on all over the whole shirt. The cute little devil listening to her ipod on a cloud is one of the many TokiDoki characters featured on this shirt. Our little friend the record from the hooded shirt above is also seen on this shirt. The twisted style of the back is really cool but I don’t think you could wear a traditional bra with this shirt without the straps showing. Exposed bra straps aren’t so bad however in this case they would bring down the value of the whole shirt.

The graffiti-esque font on the back of this jacket reads Ciao Ciao, I’m guessing that the name of the little girl skull character. The TokiDoki logo nested within the back graphic is really a nice touch. I’m really crazy for the multi tonal zippers all over this jacket. If you look close you can see the only zipper that is not multi tonal is the one for the hidden hood that is along the collar.

I wish my name was Sandy because if it was I would buy this jacket so fast your head would spin. I encourage any Sandy’s reading this to pick up one of these jackets because you will never see your name gracing a cooler jacket. While there are many Sandy’s in the world that is also the name of the little girl in the cactus suit on the back of this jacket. I really like the color scheme of this whole jacket. They may be on to something with that orange and cream combination.

Where I’m from it doesn’t rain very often. I am dead set on getting this raincoat anyway. The idea of a raincoat that not only looks cool on its own but is also see through so everyone can see your cool clothes underneath too, is a big hit with me. Both the girl and the boy skull are featured all over this raincoat along with some accompaniment from some candies and stars.

The designers at TokiDoki deserve a big round of applause for improving the quality of clothing they offer by leaps and bounds.

Animals All Over LRG

Animals All Over LRG – Previously I spent some time gushing over the Luxuirie by LRG today I will turn my focus to some of the t-shirts available from LRG. Animals are heavily represented in the LRG men’s line as a result of this all of the t-shirts featured today have animals within the designs.

Ladies and Gentlemen it is my pleasure to introduce to you the King of Style. He’s a panda. You didn’t know that panda’s are the international symbol for style? They’re not but this one is cute isn’t he? With his little crown and muscle arms the King of Style looks like he is ready for some action.


This shirt is OK but its hard to take the cute and cuddle out of animal like the panda. The bulging arms make him a little more masculine but I’m not sure if that will be enough for most men.

Water ski for your life lady, Jaws gone’ getcha!  Well at least I can say there is nothing cute or cuddly about this shirt. The shark is a pretty masculine animal to begin with so there are no issues there. The problem here lies in the overall cheese factor. I can’t really put my finger on what exactly is bringing down the value of this shirt but something is not right. I think it’s the bloody looking text, that’s not a great look.

This shirt is called the 80’s R.I.P. I suppose the death of the last unicorn would definitely signify the end of an era. I dunno about the 80’s though. If you can point me in the direction of a guy who wants to wear a faded pink unicorn as the only thing on his otherwise all black shirt. I’d be glad to meet him to talk about his style and what he can teach others. This shirt is not bad its just risky.


This shirt feels really bare like there should be more graphics added to it or maybe something that would explain why this shirt is even called 80’s R.I.P.?

Of all the animal inspiration t-shirts at LRG this one is my favorite. The giraffe is making a come back this season and not just at LRG. Giraffe print has been seen all over but most notably at Michael Kors where giraffe print graces both handbags and luggage. This shirt will go well with all of the other neon and day glow  items that are out right now. This shirt doesn’t look  undone or cheesy like the others it. However I am still questioning if I know any guys who would be willing to rock this shirt, even if it was a gift.

All I can say is at least LRG is trying something new. I love animal inspiration so all of these shirts would work for me but unfortunately I’m not a guy and altering men’s shirts to for me is not on the top of my list of things to do. It’s ok LRG better luck next time!

Choosing Your Children’s Wear And The Variety Of Styles

Choosing Your Children’s Wear And The Variety Of Styles – The mature you can get, the bigger you can get therefore you might need a brand-new number of dresses, however you can also switch it about and look at the progress involving kid’s behavior in opposition to dresses together with presence as a result of just some years ago to the present time frame.

No matter if you happen to be a baby or maybe a mature, you will have to value whatever dresses you are wearing, considering that in todays country you happen to be evaluated during the initially four to eight minutes, when ever wandering towards a completely new room having a people who you might have never personally seen previously. You’ll certainly be evaluated by the way tresses is conducted, the face, the style and the most surely what types of dresses you are having on.


It is actually simultaneously an unconscious along with intentional state of mind as a person, it doesn’t matter if you are younger or possibly ancient. Just for this fact, it’s important to dress reasonable and turn aware about whatever impulses you happen to be proving, when walking outside ones doorstep.

This is usually a greater matter about today, which is affirmed if you take a rapid search with a municipal primary together with lower secondary institution. This unique position is usually just where children build his or her’s personality, same as picking out your good friends, which inturn altogether adds up when ever selecting whatever dresses to dress yourself in. If you are not sensible or classy, you’ll certainly be designated not to mention more than likely pranked.

Pondering this approach, children’s wear is often a subject with which has created a good deal over the last months. Today it is not ample to remain decent near each other; you have to generate judgements around a person’s dresses, because doing so affects what type of person you are reckoned to be, perhaps even as part of your quick numerous years to be a human being. Just for this, older designed wardrobe are easily intended for children, given that they have some symbol or even just about anything.

When children are to pick out whatever dresses they obtain, they are simply practically proposed the same scenarios like older people. A lot of the decent stylish models have in addition decided to generate dresses for children, that ought to turn out to be productive mainly because that a lot of children pick out the dresses from what his or her’s icon are carrying. When a legendary actor or actress or possibly presenter is normally wearing an exclusive type, a number of fans typically find the particularly equivalent sort of dresses. This unique correlation is usually surely everything that the many designers are looking to help earn with.

Normal dresses you obtain being a baby are generally items like snowsuits, winter months jackets, nightclothes and also types of which keep an individual heated. That is likely the biggest impact around older dresses not to mention children’s wear, mainly because it is recognised as essential that children are not freezing. The latest fashion trend and the best comfort are right at your hand with the best

Clutch My Heart

Clutch My Heart – When the summer hits I lose all desire to carry a purse when I go out at night. Adventurous summer nights do not mesh well with lugging around huge purses. What you really need is a clutch. Cute and compact with only your essentials inside. All of today’s clutches are black for no particular reason at all.

Yes that is real alligator. This Christian Louboutin clutch is made unapologetically from the skin of I don’t know how many alligators, probably just one since they are kind of huge. Never the less this clutch is all about luxury.


It looks a little on the mini clutch side so if you are interested in buying this purse don’t count on fitting much more than a credit card, cash, one key and a mini Dior lip gloss because this piece is about the size of your sunglasses case.

This Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch is a little on the masculine side don’t you think? That doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. With such minimal surface details you can rest assured that you won’t be at risk of loosing any random stones or baubles that may be attached to other clutches this season.


This clutch is pretty versatile,, it can be used as a clutch or a wallet which is great. Because that means you can, if you want to, bring your regular big summer purse in the car and leave it there whilst bringing only your most important items in your clutch and into the club/bar/ house party you are going to.

I am in awe of this clutch, with its tiny square stones glimmering in any light it can capture. The clasp on top of this clutch remind me of a Lego, only this would have to be the most glamorous Lego I have ever seen. Beloved handbag designer Devi Kroell is the master mind behind this precious piece. Can you tell that this one is my favorite? I don’t really go to many galas or balls where you would traditionally see a clutch of this caliber but please don’t think that should stop me or you from carrying such a brilliant clutch.

Dear Fendi, welcome back to my good graces. I knew there was a reason to keep the faith in Fendi. This whip-stitch clutch has restored that faith. I really like the stones on the surface of this clutch, and the over sized stitching is growing on me too. This clutch looks dangerously compact and maybe it is even smaller than the Christian Louboutin mini clutch from the top. Although I can’t really tell how wide this clutch will open up to be I have a feeling it has the same wallet/clutch  potential as the Marc  by Marc Jacobs clutch.

Look at the time! Who knew that all black would lead to an all positive review.


There’s so many clutches available right now you definitely don’t have to limit yourself to black. One thing to remember when choosing  your perfect clutch is to buy something you will not forget. Meaning you may set your clutch down walk away from it so you want to have something that is so memorable to you that you couldn’t possibly leave the party without it.

Colorful Coogi Mens

Colorful Coogi Mens – Coogi is for the man who wants to be seen. That being said it is no surprise that so many rapper love Coogi so much they mention it in their rhymes. Yes most of the hip hop world is chasing Ed Hardy right now but Coogi has been a hip hop staple since Notorious BIG mentioned their name in “Juicy”. If Coogi is good enough for a hip hop legend it’s got to be good enough for you. If you’re ready for the attention that is.

I think Coogi took Hawaiian print to a whole new level with this button down. There is so much going on in this print the only discernible object I see is the parrot on a branch. This could be the perfect shirt for Birdman but I’m not sure who else. The island theme is fun and the color combination is actually on point.


As a whole the print is just too cluttered for my taste but I’d love to meet the man brave enough to rock the parrot button down.
This shirt is so pretty! It’s like wearing a kaleidoscope of colors. The possibilities for matching your sneakers are limitless due to the fact that every color in the rainbow is alive and well on this shirt. In some round about way I think all of the white circles spell out Coogi, pretty cool huh?
Apparently when it comes to scary shirts Surface to Air isn’t the only brand in the game, Coogi is right behind them. That looks like the profile of some kind of demon on this shirt. I’m not much for dark graphics like this but I do like the color combinations. In fact its really all the different oranges that make this graphic look so hellish to begin with. The orange topstitching on the sleeves is a nice touch too. I don’t know who the designers at Coogi are trying to scare but it’s working.
Coogi calls this the Zeus tee. You know Zeus like the Greek god, however I think the creature in the print is more of a gargoyle than anything. It doesn’t really matter what you call it because this shirt is hot. I like that the Coogi name is not the central focus of the shirt instead it is on the sleeve, chillin. This shirt speaks for its self, you know its Coogi without even seeing the name.
Coogi clothes really are for a specific kind of a guy. A flashy guy with enough attitude to back up any of his fashion decisions. To me that is awesome, it doesn’t happen often that men take fashion risks. Almost every piece from Coogi is a little bit of a fashion risk in itself. Coogi wearers everywhere I salute you.

Coogi Can Do It

Coogi Can Do It – Some say Coogi is a world renowned clothing label, while others will simply give you a blank stare at the mention of the brand’s name.

I first saw Coogi on the “Cosby Show”. You know those really ugly sweaters Dr. Huxtable was always wearing? Those are Coogi the sweaters so if you think you had never heard of them before think again. Today I will not be talking about esteemed sweaters Coogi is known for; instead we will review the shorts available within the Coogi denim line.

Like many denim lines this season the designers at Coogi are trying out the high waisted look. I like the idea of high waisted shorts however from what I have seen on other women in public they can be really hit or miss. Wouldn’t it be nice if extra material on these shorts was detachable somehow? Perhaps in the future that is something we may see at Coogi or another brand.

If you can’t decide between high waisted or low rise shorts, these are for you.


This pair of Bermuda shorts comes with a yoke that makes up the different between low rise and high waisted shorts. Shorts with a mid rise are much more flattering to those of you out there with too much booty in their pants.


Think of how nice it would be to sit down without having to worry about your pants gaping in high waisted shorts or even worse are lowrise shorts that reveal your plumbers crack every time you bend that the waist. Being that these are still Coogi Bermuda shorts they have taken full advantage of the extra yoke space by embroidering their name in crazy rainbow letters.

Typically when I think of colored denim I am reminded of acid washed colored jeans of the 90’s, thankfully times have changed and the acid wash step has been completely thrown out the window. Colored denim is big in the Coogi line. This particular pair of shorts is available in electric blue, red and classic blue denim.  These bright red show stopper shorts, paired up with a great pair of heels, are not to be messed with.

These pretty purple Bermuda shorts are a probably the most plain pair of shorts in the whole line. That is not to say these shorts are boring, they are only plain in comparison to the overly ornate Coogi style. The rainbow stitching allows you to match virtually any color with these purple shorts.

The Coogi denim line is chock full of shorts of varying lengths, colors and denim washes. One thing you will want to remember when considering Coogi shorts for a purchase, are you ready for the whole world to look at your booty? Sure all shorts will attract more attention to your backside but shorts from Coogi will not only grab attention with their gratutitous use of rainbow embroidery on every pair, they will keep it there. Such a sudden influx of attention can be a real ego boost, just make sure you are ready to handle your new adoring fans.

Crookes & Castles : The Introduction

Crookes & Castles : The Introduction – I first heard of Crooks & Castles t-shirts about a year ago. From what I was hearing this was a brand that prided themselves on logo remixes. I say logo remixes because of many of the brand’s best selling t-shirts are the ones containing a Crookes & Castles logo that has been altered to look exactly like another brand logo. For example the Chanel remix was two Crookes & Castles C’s fashion into the iconic Chanel C’s. Now we all know a little bit of what to expect for Crookes & Castles let’s see what they have new in stores.

If this shirt is a yet another logo remix I guess I don’t know what the original logo looked like or what it was for. That being said this seems like a fine shirt but not a great graphic. You will see as we move through this segment the designers at Crookes & Castles are definitely more creative than just this.
Who said young brands can’t have their own accessories line? Even if the accessories line at Crookes & Castles is small If I saw a guy pull out a red leather wallet I would be really impressed that he was actually showing a little style in his choice of wallet.


Too many young men are rolling around with either generic leather or canvas wallets that look beyond chewed up because they bought them in high school.


As far as I’m concerned a wallet can be just like a handbag and it should be changed to match when the outfit dictates.
Should we call these Crookes & Castles C’s or Chanel C’s? Why not just call them island C’s since that appears to be the motif. At first the idea of a street wear brand using the illusion of Chanel to get attention made me feel a different way, pissed off if you will. But as I have become more familiar with the brand and I loosen up about the sanctity of old money labels such as Chanel, I’m starting to be a real Crookes & Castles fan. Yes they do use someone else logo as a jumping off point but it does not just stop there, the designers always had a little extra flair such as this island motif to make things more interesting while making them distinct at the same time.
By the looks of this segment I have spent too much time talking and not enough time showing the versatility of this up and coming street wear label.


In order to make it up to the folks at Crooks & Castles I’m going to extend this review into two pieces. Next time I promise you less talk and more pictures that prove why there is so much to be said of Crookes & Castles.

Disney Gets Grown And Sexy

Disney Gets Grown And Sexy – Disney, like Barbie are childhood brands that are now trying to cross over into adult interests. Disney now has brand called Disney Couture. This brand promotes a more fashion forward vision of Disney characters on t-shirts, purses and jewelry. The are a lot of pieces in this collection and some were a little cheesy. I set out to present you with the cream of the crop.

Tinkerbell has a huge presence in the Disney Couture jewelry line. She is on a variety of pieces like rings and earrings. The earrings we see above are not just any old hoops but with tinkerbell in the middle. Instead the hoops are made to look like a bunch of tiny connected leaves. There are another pair of hoop earrings with Tinkerbell sitting inside of them which are actually a lot cuter than these and they’re less cheesy. Unfortunately the photos of those particular earrings are really bad for some reason, sorry guys.

I’ve always told myself when I’m filthy rich I’m going to have a treasure chest full of gems and gold doubloons. Why you might ask? Because I’ve always want to laugh maniacally while rummaging through a fully loaded treasure chest. I guess I just really want that cartoon villain moment to be real.


The closest I can come to a fully loaded treasure chest is the pendant pictured above. From this view you can only see the glittering gems and gold leaf interior but if you put the top down this tiny chest looks exactly like the chest of treasure from Peter Pan. This same treasure chest is also featured as a cocktail ring which also opens up to show the loot within. If you ask me I’d rather have the cocktail ring for obvious reasons such as the large size of the ring and the fact it opens and closes just like the pendant does only it looks much cooler on your hand than on your neck.

This necklace embodies the narcissistic side of every name plate necklace ever made. Instead of just letting passers by the name of who their gawking at this necklace will let them know that you are in fact the fairest of them all. Who needs a magic mirror to tell you that when you can tell the world yourself? This necklace is one of the most subtle pieces from the Disney Couture jewelry line.


If it weren’t for that ruby red poison apple people wouldn’t know this was Disney affiliated at all.

There is not a whole lot to say about this golden bow ring. All kinds of designers have been cashing in on little bow craze. As far as the Disney couture jewelry line goes they should feel justified in using little bow because the brand its self represents fairy tales. When we were children we believed that Disney could wrap the whole world up into a little bow and sprinkle fairy dust on it until everything thing was alright.

From what I have seen so far the Disney Couture jewelry line seems to have a strong peter pan influence. Yes there are some references to snow white also but with Tinkerbell being the star of the show it is hard to deny the peter pan influence. Maybe that was the theme for this or last seasons collection and I just missed it? There is also an Alice in wonderland collection but I haven’t been able to find very many pictures of that. When I do find pictures I’ll definitely be letting you know.

Dress Me Up In BB Dakota

Dress Me Up In BB Dakota – You may remember BB Dakota from previous articles where I reviewed a couple of dresses. I don’t remember which dresses and I don’t know much about the brand but hopefully what I have for our viewing pleasure today will make more of an impact on my memory. I’m ready to learn more about what this brand has to offer. Today we are going to take a look see at the dresses from BB Dakota.

This look likes my grandma house dress, right down to the white cording along the whole dress. I like this dress on my grandma but it makes the model look a little frumpy. Maybe if there was some gathers under the bust it would help out the overall shape of this dress. As far as comfort goes I’m sure this dress would get an A+ in that category because it is so loose and long. This is a cute dress for around the house or maybe to the beach but I definitely wouldn’t wear it on a night out.

A lemon colored shift and a tall glass of lemonade, what could be better on a hot summer day. Many people say that they hate yellow but I think that shit dress could change their minds. This shade of yellow would look on virtually anybody unless of course you have an existing sunburn, then you probably wouldn’t want to bring out the rosey glow of your skin. The “Dahlia” is the perfect dress to wear to that all day long summer concert you’ve been wanting to go to, see and you said you didn’t have anything to wear.

This is the “Emiko” in grape. I would love to see “Emiko” in as many colors as possible! This dress is a little ballerina-ish with its full gathered skirt and modest top. Typically I’m not much for waist belts and I especially dislike things that are too matchy matchy. While this belt is the exact same color as the rest of the dress it works because it doesn’t call too much attention to itself it just looks good. Emiko would fit in nicely at the theatre, ballet or your nearest symphony hall.

I think Marilyn Monroe would wear this dress in a heartbeat. Playfully named the “Soho Cherry” this dress has a very pinup vibe to it. It is longer than most dresses available right now which is unique. The hemline falls below the knee and the neckline is way above your cleavage.


This means not only can you wear this dress out and about with friends you could wear it to church the next morning too. Yes I know that kind of a brash suggestion but its true!

I love that BB Dakota chose to pair up so many of their dresses with flip flops. I have a sneaking suspicion that this brand is from the west coast based on that alone. If you’ve ever lived on the left coast or the surrounding states you know that flip flops are a summer staple especially with our summer dresses. For this reason alone I will never forget BB Dakota.

Dripping In Juicy

Dripping In Juicy – After talking semi smack about Juicy Couture in my last article I decided to give them more of a fighting chance. I know there has to be more there than just velour jumpsuits, excuse me, juicy suits. There is so much available from Juicy Couture that I decided to focus just on dresses.

This dress is California meets little house on the prairie and I love it. I do not need to remind you that it is still the summer time in the United States so wearing a lot of dresses is a must. Something about this dress says travel to me. It looks like you could wear it on a plane, bus or train and still be very comfortable. All the while it can be rolled up and stored to for next time in your carry on luggage. There is white crotchet along the bottom of this dress which sounds cute but is a bad idea because it us definitely going to attract dirt being that this dress goes all the way to the ground.

Do you remember that show Mama’s Family? You know the one about the sour grandma who is always getting her family out of trouble with the help of tough love and old time values? Well anyway the daughter in law Naomi was kind of a tramp who would always wear frilly peasant dresses. If only Naomi had seen this dress I think she would have gone for this one stead. It has all the charm of a peasant dress without going off the shoulder, that’s where things start to get a little different. This dress is fresh like a slice of melon.

I think this dress would look a lot cuter on then it does in this photo. Although strapless bras can be a pain it would be worth it to invest in a good one to go along with this racer back dress. Racer back is hot and its nautical how sweet.

When I first laid eyes on this dress all I could think of was “Very niiiice” in a Borat voice. This dress is very nice and then some. I get a little flushed thinking about finding the right yellow or white wedges to go with this dress. Shoot, the more I look at it I think I could even do a brown shoe and just boho it out a little with some wooden accessories.


This dress like all the rest have a little bit of a country feel to them and that’s not at all bad. The country look is very relaxed and comfortable so why complain?

I’m relieved to see that Juicy Couture is doing big things in the dress game. I stand by what I said about their grocery bag though. If you’re going to buy Juicy you should go for a dress over a bag any day because these dresses are all multi-seasonal. While there have been a lot of articles on dresses lately but I’ll try to make this one the last for a little while. Goodbye Juicy Couture. Goodbye Dresses. See you real soon.

Fashionable Women

Fashionable Women – Are You A Woman Of Fashion?

Often when most women hear the word fashion, the first image that comes to mind is tall thin woman, portrayed as a model walking across the street looking as though she just stepped off the cover of a fashion magazine. We picture a woman of fashion as being someone who looks glamorous, and dressed in the latest costly designer. Of course this is because women are what make the fashion industry so alluring and a lucrative business.

A model walks down the catwalk during the Gianni Versace show as part of Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2008 on September 27, 2007 in Milan, Italy.

While it can not be dismissed that men have become more aware of how they look and their appearance its still women in society who run the fashion scene.

Rarely will you find many women who is not up to date about the latest fashion styles, including clothes, shoes, accessories, and even makeup or how to do their hair. All its worth mentioning that women have the upper hand on how to make an outfit work even when no one else is really wearing it or if its not the hot thing at hand.

Have you ever noticed that some of the most fashionable and trendiest women in the world really don’t follow the styles that others are wearing. They often choose what they feel is comfortable, trendy, and basically looks good to them. While to many an ensemble may look horrid, to the criticizing fashion aficionado, these designs are what draws attention and stands out from everything else. These outfits tend to become popularized with the fashion world much quicker than the thing that half of the world is choosing to wear because everyone else is.


Another thing that often many people don’t notice is how fashionable women present themselves. They appear natural looking in no matter what they wear. This is because many times these ladies are not wearing a ton of makeup and what little they are looks as if they are wearing none. They choose not to wear tons of expensive jewelry or over doing the layers of clothing they wear.


Their confidence in themselves often turn heads and create a stir in the fashion world. They are comfortable in what they are wearing and they don’t mind if they aren’t the center of attention. Being confident and presenting yourself for who you really are will often turn heads without realizing it.

For women. their choice in fashion sense fits them that often they are the only who who really understand their chosen style. This however does not mean that your assemble is admired or appreciated, because the more capability that you have of wearing a style that most can’t pull off and look good in it the more you will stand out. This is because some fashion looks just can’t be worn by certain people and if you are one of the few who can do it then you will definitely be admired for it, and your innovative taste in fashion will also be honored.

If you have yet to discover your own fashion sense, take a breath and give it another go. Its never to late to find your inner fashion designer. Always remember that while your fashion sense may be something that others might not desire, if it makes you feel good about yourself and your comfortable in what your wearing then you should never change it. Its okay to go with something different at times but just don’t forget who you are and become lost in the fashion followers world.

Flats – A Great Addition to Any Fashionable Wardrobe

Flats – A Great Addition to Any Fashionable Wardrobe – Recently, flat shoes have become all the rage. It is the shoe that you ‘must have’ if you follow fashion trends, which all seem to recycle eventually – just with a bit of updating and added flair. However, for the woman who loves the look and feel of a pair of classic high heeled pumps, this newest fashion ‘must have’ may come as a bit of a disappointment. Rest assured, though, that anyone can wear flats and still look fabulous. It is just a matter of following a few fashion rules.

Not only do flat shoes look great when paired properly with your outfit, they are comfortable and great for your posture. For those women who find heels a general obstacle to everyday living, the new trend towards flat shoes is a welcomed chance to be both stylish and content with their footwear.

One of the concerns of this trend towards flat shoes is that they can make you look quite a bit shorter than you actually are. This is a fashion myth that has no real basis. Flat shoes have no effect on how tall you appear, unless you are always in heels and people do not know how tall (or short) you actually are – in which case you are just artificially tall anyway. For those petite women who love their height adding heels, you can make also wear flats without appearing height deficient.


If you dress in the same color from head to toe (even your stockings/pantyhose), the overall effect is one that makes you appear taller than you actually are. When you dress monochromatically, the eye is naturally drawn up and you look taller.

With high heeled shoes, the addition of the heel makes for virtually unlimited heights and styles. With flats, the shoe itself must stand on its own merit fashion wise. So, when you are shopping for flat shoes, be sure to look for interesting patterns, styles, and textures. All of these things add visual interest to flats. You should have no problem locating a flat shoe to suit your purpose as they come in everything from patent leather to funky canvas styles.

If you are wearing a fancy outfit with lots of frills, you will want to complete your look with simple flats. In this case, your flats will complete that ultra feminine look without going completely overboard.

It is true that heels generally elongate the line of your leg when you are wearing skirts and dresses. However, flats can make your legs appear shorter is you are not careful; to compensate for this when wearing flats, try the monochromatic look. Another solution is to choose a dress or a skirt that stops above the knee.


In this way, you still achieve the long legged goddess look. Needless to say, you should never pair flats with a long skirt. Remember Granny from ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’? Just ask yourself if that is the look you are trying to achieve if you ever think of pairing flats with a long skirt.

Okay, so how should flats be paired with pants? Well, just as shorter skirts look good with flats, so do shorter pants – think Capri pants. However, long pants, if done correctly, can work well with flats also. Both flare leg pants and skinny jeans look really nice with a gorgeous pair of flats. Just be sure that your pants are the correct length – i.e. not too long and dragging the ground.

If you keep these tips in mind, you will have no problem integrating flats into your wardrobe. In addition, you can be sure that your flat shoes are an asset rather than a liability to your wardrobe.

FreshJive Still Running Game

FreshJive Still Running Game – As far as street wear brands go FreshJive has been around the block. They have been hot and played out too many times to count. Right now, fortunately for them, their men’s wear is hot again. FreshJive is like street wear training wheels. Fashion know-it-all’s may scoff at you for rockin’ FreshJive but that is just because they have all been done that. If you’re new to the street wear game you have to start your style somewhere and FreshJive is as good of a brand as any of the others.

I’m glad the designers at FreshJive are still proud to be from Los Angeles. It feels like so much of the street wear industry is based in New York or  has New York attitude. This tee comes in two color ways, both of  which are Los Angels Lakers colors. Poor Lakers they may not have been able to beat the Celtics in the finals but Los Angelinos are still proud of them. Whether they win or lose their colors continue represent Los Angeles to the fullest.

I had to speak on these jeans because they’re called “Classic’s”. First off these jeans are way too stacked. No matter how long your legs are you will have a lot of extra sag, if that’s what you’re into. Secondly the crotch length on these pants looks way too long. These “Classic’s” ride the line between skinny and wide leg jeans. I’m not saying these are bad jeans by any means. I just think if you’re going to call these “Classic’s” they should try to be a little more timeless.

I thought I could give an objective review of this shirt but the model just looks too dorky. It’s distracting. All I can say is I love basketball court graphic especially the proportion. If it didn’t take up the whole shirt it would lose a lot of cool points.

This shirt proudly states “Fairfax still running game” along with some other writing that I can’t make out right now. While the state of Fairfax in the game is debatable the green and yellow on black color combination is hot without a doubt. I’m so glad the designers at FreshJive are not stuck on the day glow color ways that the rest of street wear seems to be hooked on.

FreshJive may have a hip hop only image right now but their target market used to be completely different, Before urban was the way to go FreshJive was the brand of choice for  raver’s across the country and especially on the west coast of the United States. That is not a bad thing. That just goes to show how many changes this brand has made and still managed to stay relevant in street wear as a whole. FreshJive is still running game.

Future So Bright, You Need Some New Shades

Future So Bright, You Need Some New Shades – New sunglasses are the gift we  give ourselves every summer. Sure you can buy sunglasses year round but never is it easier to justify than in the heat of summer before your vacation. Or like so many of us you might buy your sunglasses on vacation because you packed so fast you forgot yours at home. Whatever the case we all need to protect our eyes, we may as well do it glamorously. Today we will view a small selection of women’s sunglasses from a sampling of our favorite luxury brands.

Meet Margaux. Margaux is classic vintage chic provided by Tom Ford. The overall tortoise shell tinge to these glasses have a 70’s Hollywood feel. If worn with feathered hair and gold lip gloss would be Tom Ford signature style sexy at it’s best. If you have something to hide the slight mirror on the lenses of dear Margaux really won’t help you. These glasses will protect your eyes from the sun but not from eye contact with others.

If I don’t think about what tortoise shell really is I just looove it!  Fear not dear readers, no turtles were harmed in the making of these Miu Miu Sunglasses.


The warm brown with subtle gold running gently amok within it always stops me in my tracks. I don’t wear rectangular frames but  these are so cute I still want someone else to wear them.

These Dolce & Gabana’s are a little confusing but in a good way. I can see all kinds of people men and women asking to try your sunglasses on when you wear these. Based upon the price tag I wouldn’t really let too many people play dress up in my sunglasses but how could they resist asking? These glasses are fun and even I want to see how I look in them.

Check it out!! That black and white squiggly area is actually a snake. There is no close up to do it real justice but trust me its really cute. I also love that the lenses don’t wrap around with the glossy black frames. These sunglasses are so sleek, like a snake without the creepy scaly feel.

Well I sure could go for a new pair of sunglasses right about now. Half of the fun of buying new sunglasses has to be the transformation feeling you get when you stray from your normal style or shape. This year I implore you to try something new, if you normally wear Jackie O’s try something more rectangular or if you normally go vintage try something a little more minimal and modern and so on. Change, like the sunlight will do you good.

Handbags – The Ultimate Accessory

Handbags – The Ultimate Accessory – A handbag can jazz up a rather plain outfit or lurk inconspicuously in the background when you simply do not want it to distract from the main attraction – your outfit. At base level, people have carried handbags simply for their functionality – they are a convenient to cart around all the necessities that you will require throughout the day. But handbags add flair and style to any well put together person and their ability to complete your outfit should never be overlooked.

Choose the wrong handbag and people will gawk and stare at your fashion faux pax; choose the right handbag and people will notice you for an entirely different reason. And since handbags can be had at most any price range, from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars, there is no reason to exclude this ultimate accessory from your wardrobe.

Handbags are truly the ‘it’ accessory for any woman wishing to extend the visual impact of her look. And although you will most likely see women utilizing this accessory, on occasion, men have donned and will don handbags, choosing to call them ‘man bags’ rather than handbags. A great handbag can triple the effect of an outfit. In essence, your handbag can mean the difference between a great outfit and a truly stunning one. People may not be able to exactly ‘put their finger on’ why your outfit stands out, but now, at least you know the secret.

There are literally thousands of styles and colors of handbags to choose from, so you will never have problem finding just the right handbag to accessorize any outfit. Your choice of handbag speaks to your character and choosing just the right one can say a million different things about you. Beautifully done accessorizing will always get you noticed.

One thing to remember when choosing a handbag is that accessorizing should be done in moderation. Pay attention to how you pair your accessories – you do not want to wear large earrings paired with an oversized bracelet and a chunky necklace. It is just a bit much – rather like an overdressed, brightly lit Christmas tree. Yes, people will notice you but for reasons other than the ones you have in mind. Never go overboard with the accessories – what you are aiming for is a simple, properly accessorized look.

This same advice hold true when you are selecting a handbag to complete your outfit. If you are wearing a delicate dress for an elegant occasion, you do not want to overwhelm that pricey dress with a gaudy, oversized handbag. And your sparkly, studded handbag may not be the best choice for a day at the office (unless you work in fashion) – save the sparkles for nighttime wear.

A good rule of thumb to remember when choosing a handbag as an accessory is that oversized works great for daytime wear, while you may want to choose a smaller handbag for nights out. If you are wearing a simple outfit, by all means, let your handbag stand out. When it is your outfit that you want to stand out, choose a handbag that complements and blends in.

Keeping these simple things in mind will help you to always choose the best handbag to complete your look. Proper choice of a handbag makes it truly the ultimate accessory for any outfit.

House Of Dereon – They’re Trying

House Of Dereon – They’re Trying – Is the House of Dereon just another lame celebrity clothing label? I will let you be the judge. Also let me take this time to put in my “I love Beyonce either way” disclaimer. Beyonce and her mother are reportedly responsible for the designs that come out of the House of Dereon.


What I have been wondering is why are so many of the designs unlike anything Beyonce would actually be seen in public in? I know she wouldn’t be caught style slippin’ in all those cluttered metallic t-shirts. Today we will take a look at what I consider to be the best of what the House of Dereon currently has to offer.

This bubble mini dress is a good start for the summer; the color is a little dark for my taste though I would wait until the end of summer wear this dress. The shoulder and bust straps are embellished with tiny gold metal studs.  Of all the dresses available in the House of Dereon line this was one of the few that made the cut for Beyonce’s “Freakum Dress” video.

There are times when I think overalls should only be seen on farmers and children and then again there are moments of weakness when I can see myself strutting around a club in some sexy skinny jean overalls. These overalls are perfect for that moment of weakness. The best part is the zip off overall bib so when you come to your senses after your moment of weakness has passed you are left with a great pair of skinny jeans that can be worn with anything.  I like that the House of Dereon gives you the option to be a little daring by wearing overalls but gives you your full moneys worth by offering a zip off bib. It’s genius.

Plus size designs are plentiful at the House of Dereon. It is nice of Beyonce to keep all women in mind as to not leave anyone out. We all need cute tops and jeans for our daily lives no matter what size. As far as plus sizes go there aren’t very many dresses available, however I remain optimistic that this will change in the future.

I like neon and I do not like this shirt. I think it really lacks in effort compared to the more complex graphics on other House of Dereon shirts. It seems pretty easy to have fun with neon color ways I don’t know why they didn’t take full advantage of the whole shirt or even play with the placing of the rather bland text. Even the font on this shirt is boring!

Overall I was disappointed with the House of Dereon and I even gave it a little more slack than other labels due to the time schedule Beyonce has or rather the lack of time in her schedule to focus on designing. Unfortunately the lack of focus is very evident and the trend biting is rampant. I will keep my hopes high for the House of Dereon though, I have faith in Beyonce. Hopefully one day she will bring the style she has on the red carpet and in videos to her floundering line House of Dereon.

Jeffery Campbell Shoes: Part One

Jeffery Campbell Shoes: Part One – I love Jeffery Campbell shoes! I own a few pairs and ever since the day I have bought them they have worked their way into the biweekly rotation. There is something really special about the soft typically suede sole of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Today we will see a selection of what is available from Jeffrey Campbell that is in stores right now.

Awwwww Saddle shoes! These shoes bring me back to my childhood when I would sit in front of the t.v watching “Happy Days” reruns, all the while secretly coveting Joanie’s saddle shoes. Of course the technical term for this style of shoe is Oxfords, I suppose that sounds more official than saddle shoes.


Regardless of what you call them you probably had a pair of shoes like this at one point in your life or at least you wanted some at one point in your life. If only these shoes came with metal taps on the bottoms so I could really relive some of my earliest shoe memories. Other than the sentimental value these shoes have for me these shoes are not your typical oxfords they have cut out embellishment that our childhood shoes never had.

Moving right along to a more mature Oxford. High heeled Oxford’s like this harken back to the 1930’s speak easy’s where librated young women would step in their Oxfords until the early morning drunk off ill-gotten booze. Maybe that’s Jeffrey Campbell call this the “Steppin Oxford”. This shoe is made for swing and all kinds of dancing. If this shoe were to come in brighter colors, for instance maybe a purple and pink combination I would be in heaven.

Mothers lock up your son’s because this shoe has come to seduce your babies. The corset style lacing is what makes this  shoe so sexy. The laces and grommets attract attention to all the pretty curves of your feet and the peep toe will reveal just enough of your toes so that everyone can see your brand new pedicure. If I didn’t already own a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes I would doubt the comfort level these shoes can provide. However based on my own personal experience I can say that Jeffery Campbell shoes really are the best of both worlds, sexy and comfortable at the same time.

Colored faux gem stones are every where this summer. We previously saw this trend at the Christian Dior resort runway shoes where almost every ensemble had some sort of stone securely fastened to it. I’m all for incorporating more color into your wardrobe so I support this trend whole heartedly. Chunky details like the rectangular gem on the T-strap of this shoe are eye catching and flattering for all of us. The only question that remains is are these considered open toe pumps or sandals? You tell me.

I can’t believe I have run out of time before I could show you some more summer appropriate shoes. I will save that for next time. Let’s not forget all of the great styles we have seen today for they themselves can be worn throughout the summer and beyond.

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes : Part Two

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes : Part Two – It is getting way too hot to wear covered toe shoes. That means pumps, sneakers and most flats are now obsolete until say September. Good thing for us Jeffrey Campbell has plenty of sandal styles available for the summer. If he can make a comfortable high heel he can definitely make a flat shoe feel like a dream.

Do you see anything even remotely Japanese about this sandal? Yeah, I don’t see it either and yet the folks at Jeffrey Campbell allowed this shoe to be called the “Akira”. There is obvious Native American influence  all over this shoe. From the thin leather straps to the discs adorned with seed beads in a very Native American pattern. You could definitely rock these shoes with some of the Native American inspired beaded accessories that are available. For example beaded bangles would really set these shoes off.

Here we see more of the same Native American influence. The brown leather fringe reminds me of Cher but not current Cher. I’m talking Sonny and Cher, Cher. If you look closely you can see the convenient zipper along the back panel of this sandal allowing you to slip your foot in and out of these shoes without having to tinker with four different buckles. Instead of calling these shoes sandals I feel like they should be called something like summer moccasins.


That way when you describe them to someone they will have a better idea of what you mean. These summer moccasins will make you want to run with buffalo along the plains.

Gladiator flats are huge for summer. Above  we see a gold studded trip back in time to the lions den of ancient Rome. While you may not have such a great time running for your life in these sandals you definitely could do just about everything else. Depending on what part of the world you’re from with the right maxi you may even want to wear these shoes on a night out.

This sandal is called the mystic. I don’t know what is so mystic about it but they do look really comfortable at least. One thing you should keep in mind when wearing a shoe that has so little to work with is that your feet better be in top shape because that’s all people are going to see. You can’t hide your chipped toe nail polish or dry heels in this shoe.  As long as you keep your feet looking right these shoes will be your best summer friends.

After looking at all of these sandals I want a pedicure so bad I can already smell the sea salt scrub. Jeffrey Campbell wants you to have fun even if you are going to be walking and that is evident in the variety of sandals he has  come up with. I don’t own any Jeffrey Campbell sandals but I will soon and when I do I will report back to let you know just how comfortable they really are.

JT Makes Girls Clothes?

JT Makes Girls Clothes? – William Rast is Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala. Not just Justin Timberlake alone so don’t get it twisted. The two have been friends since childhood although only one of them is fodder for the tabloids. It is surprising to me that these two would come together to make a women’s denim line but they did. Our legs and hips will reap the benefits of that partnership.

Me and these pants are going to a summer concert somewhere. Something about the fit says “wear me all day comfortable and your butt will look super cute“. I love low rise jeans, ever since they hit the scene in the early 2000’s. I’ve been wearing them since without looking back. Flares haven’t been my thing for a while now but these look so wearable I would gladly make the switch, for the day. There is distressing on the knees and pockets as well as the upper thigh area. This combine with the medium blue wash makes for a really sweet pair of jeans.

I’m sure these jeans have another name but I like to call them the perfect medium. The was is not so dark that you would be in fear of staining light surfaces. The fit is just right. Relaxed enough to be worn everywhere and the bootleg is flattering to most shoes. These jeans will bring you from the summer to the fall with ease. An added bonus is the natural distressing you will have by fall giving you a whole new reason to love these perfect medium jeans.

Wow. I haven’t felt this excited about white pants in a long time. The flat front is going to be flattering on just about everybody. Everybody who is daring enough to wear white pants that is. I love the idea of wearing white especially on holidays like the 4th of July. However asking me to keep them clean is a lot easier said than done.

What denim collection would be complete without a mini skirt? This skirt is a total of 12 inches in length so it may not be so mini on some. This skirt comes already distressed around the thigh area with a hole already in the works on one side. I’m not really into that. I don’t like my distressing to go so far as to create weak points in my garments. If I had my way I would like to see a dark wash mini skirt. That’ll be the day…

Who knew Justin Timberlake and some guy named Trace Ayala would do women’s denim such justice. Most of the time when you think of celebrity labels its accompanied by a lot of doubt and laughter. William Rast is no laughing matter. For the price the denim is great, its everything you should expect from an up and coming label. And the best part is there are no celebrity brand indicators or excessive logos anywhere to be found.  I must say I am pleasantly surprised to see William Rast is alive, well, and growing more and more successful by the passing season.

Lace Me Up Please

Lace Me Up Please – Lace is back and I am rolling out the red carpet for it’s timely return. Gone are the days when lace was relegated to predominately Victorian inspired garments. The lace of fall 2008 is much younger, sexier and edgier.

I love this dress from Balmain’s fall 2008 collection. I don’t understand the choice of booties instead of some sort of pump but that’s ok. The best part of this dress is the basically invisible bateau neckline. I just like the way it lies right along the collar bone. These sleeves are pretty sweet too, I love a ¾ length sleeve .
Is it just me or is this look pretty much made for Victoria Beckham?
Above we see lace being used in a couple of different ways at Chanel. First you noticed the lace stockings with a design that is so unconventional I don’t know what it is supposed to resemble. And second if you look close you will notice the robe the model is wearing is made of lace trimmed in lace. You can see right through it making it very cool temperature wise and very hot in the way of sex appeal.
This gold gilded lace frock is from the Derek Lam 2008 is a littler grandma if you ask me. From the modest neckline to the knee length, there’s not a lot of sex appeal in this lace. Once again I am at a loss for nice things to say about this design so I just won’t say anything else at all.
This lace look comes to us from designer L’Wren Scott. Prior to this dress I had never heard of L’Wren Scott, this dress caught my eye and begged me to learn more. Soon I’ll post a whole review of her 2008 fall collection. Until then we can still enjoy her interpretation of the lace trend in the dress pictured above .


Unlike all of the other designs we have seen that actually contain traditional lace, the fabric of this dress has a lace design printed on top of it with a scalloped edge. Pretty clever, just what you should expect from L’Wren Scott.
The designers at Phi are never scared to be different. They have taken the lace trend to a new level by combining the black lace that practically ever other design house is using and pairing with hot pink almost magenta underneath. I must say I am intrigued to know more of Phi after seeing how they flip the trends to their advantage. Above we see another lace robe similar to what we saw at Chanel. Maybe the robes are a developing trend in themselves .
Trend forecasting is so important when it comes to staying on top of the fashion game. It’s all about knowing what to look out for first. After you know that how you will handle and embellish the trends you see is completely up to you. I’m excited to see being used in a more modern way. The fall of 2008 is shaping up to be a really sexy season .

Let Them Eat Pastry

Let Them Eat Pastry – The Simmons family is ripe with design ideas. The first in the design game was Russel Simmons, uncle to the young ladies at pastry, and next came Kimora his wife, followed by Reverend Run, their dad. After seeing so many of their family elders with successful clothing and shoe labels it was natural for Vanessa and Angela to want to follow in their foot steps. The two came together to make Pastry, which functions as the name and central idea for their shoe and clothing line. Let’s see what Pastry has to offer in the way of clothes.

Oh great another pair of stacked skinny jeans, just what the world of street wear has been dying for. I don’t hate these jeans and what I like about them you can barely see, they have gold buttons down the side of the ankle. These buttons are really the only defining characteristic these jeans have that other skinny stacks don’t. That’s good enough I guess when you consider how many brands forget how similar their jeans look to everyone else’s. Hey, at least Vanessa and Angela are trying.

I don’t like this print but I’m stuck on the idea of reversible dress. A nice feature to this dress is that  it has built in support so you don’t have to wear a bra with it. Which is fabulous because exposed bra straps tend to be a fashion no-no. Sure its okay to bare your straps sometimes but not with a cocktail dress such as this. This dress would be great for light traveling, it won’t stay wrinkled for long because it is lycra and it has two looks that wouldn’t take up very much space in your luggage at all.

Man, I don’t even want to talk about this. Shirts that look like they have jewelry on them are severely played out. The silver lining to this shirt would be that you could match the fab cookie shoes on your shirt with the ones you’re wearing on your feet. Beyond that the idea has been done, and done so many times I’m a little irritated that any label would even think of  using this cliché idea again.

Mrs. Claus is that you? Of course not then this dress would need to be red but never the less it is still the first think I think when I see this dress. Maybe it’s the bands of white on what looks like velvet that really drive the Santa Claus similarities home. This dress also has a hood which you can’t see from this angle. The hood features a baby blue lace up similar to the front of the dress.


Also a silver print goes throughout the dress. Not a good look. There is just too much going on and not enough going right for this dress. I wouldn’t wear it, I would be interested to find someone who would.

The time has come to stop skirting the issue of talent. I won’t say that these two have no talent. I will say the talent they do have certainly could have been cultivated and one of the many other Simmons family brands. These clothes are basically Baby Phat with less skin. Maybe they should have asked for Auntie Kimora’s help when creating Pastry and she could have steered them away from completely biting her style. Pastry clothing is pretty much what I expected. As far as the footwear line goes all I can say is wait until you see the shoes.

Love Mother Earth, Love Organic Cotton

Love Mother Earth, Love Organic Cotton – In the interest of mothers day let’s talk about how we can help save our mother earth by buying organic cotton! Ask anyone what fabric they are currently wearing and 9 times out of 10 the answer is cotton. Many are not even conscious of the fact that they are wearing cotton due to the wide variety of weaves and knits available. From the biggest to the smallest we can all do our part for mother earth by buying more organic cottons.

All of the t-shirts above are made from Organic cotton thanks to Swedish retailer H&M. Not only do these t-shirts promote the use of organic cotton they are part of a collaboration series with Designers against AIDS to spread aids awareness. H&M really knows how to kill two environmentally conscious birds with one stone.

Organic cotton is not just for t shirts it is also for creating whatever a designer can dream up. The dresses above are both made of organic cotton and act as a perfect example of the limitlessness of said cotton. Most people expect organic cotton dresses to be reminiscent of “Little House on the Prairie. Those same people would never even know you were wearing organic cotton. Both dresses are made by Stewart+Brown and are available  Men are always complaining about the lack of variety in clothing that is available to them.


Unfortunately in the new market of organic cottons that is still pretty true. On the bright side the organic cotton American Apparel plain white T’s pictured above are available in a 3 pack thus making them way more affordable than buying an organic cotton designer dress.

When it comes to organic cotton clothes babies really get the lions share. They have everything to outfit your baby in organic cotton from head to toe. Not only are the clothes super cute such as bear outfit above they are also privy to a wider range of colors to choose from. Although many purists will say that babies should only be wearing unbleached organic cotton, we do not all have to be such sticklers.

These little beetle diapers do not even look like what most people picture when they think of cloth diapers. They are plush and soft, made of organic cotton velour, and they are so much better for the environment than plastic diapers. There are biodegradable diapers on the market now but due to the fact that most of them still won’t completely degrade for 100+ years they are hardly a competitive solution when compared to cloth diapers, especially organic cotton cloth diapers.  Just look at how cute they are, and I bet you won’t even miss the plastic sounds from your babies old diapers.

With so much to choose from we should all have at least one piece of organic cotton clothing in our closets or dressers. One thing to be noted is that there is organic cotton underwear available for men, women and babies. So really there is no way to say that there isn’t anything made from organic cotton that you can use, because we all need undies right?

Luxuirie By LRG – A Denim Story

Luxuirie By LRG – A Denim Story – The brand LRG is not widely known, so it is easy to see why  the women’s division, Luxuirie by LRG, is often overlooked. Not anymore. Today we will take a look at what the denim line for Luxuries has to offer us this summer.

Feast your eyes on the “Eye of the Tiger” jeans by Luxuirie. Hot pink skinny jeans will get any party started. While you can wear these jeans as every day beat arounds the are best suited for a night out.


Regardless of how you feel about the lower half of your body the whole word is going to stop and stare for two reasons.  Firstly, that pink is so bright you can hardly look away. Secondly,  they will be wondering how you had the nerve to stand out so much. If you’re rockin’ colored jeans already you know exactly what I mean. These jeans are super hot for summer. Go get ‘em tiger!

Wow. This skirt is even brighter than the previous jeans. I have seen a lot of electric blue denim this season but I do believe this is the first I have seen of what I like to call “Slimer” green. I say “Slimer” green because this mini skirt is the same color as “Slimer” from the movie Ghostbusters.  That one leopard print pocket is interesting. I’m not against it but none of the other jeans have a leopard print pocket so that makes this skirt a little curious. I really like the Luxuirie’s actual label, all that rainbow really does it for me.

I am crazy about these “Root” jeans! As you may already know I’m in love with skinny jeans in general but it is becoming increasingly difficult to find skinny jeans that aren’t stacked. Stacked meaning the jeans are cut extra long so they bunch up around your ankle and depending how skinny the jeans are they mar or may not fall over your heels. These jeans are perfect!! This dark wash is a blessing and a curse. At first these jeans may or may not stain light surfaces but in the long run once they get worn in and washed they will start to develop a whole new personality, that’s the gift. The same can be said of the “Block Party” jeans pictured below.

These jeans are classic, sexy cool. They are still a close enough to be booty flattering but the straight leg gives  these jeans a relaxed feel. This fit can be worn everywhere even to the office on jeans day with a cami and a cardigan. It makes sense that these jeans are called the Block Party because they are as fun as summer night spent with friends.

I love all of the different pocket styles Luxuirie uses. I especially like the pockets on the “Root” jeans. I’m really pleased with the denim line from Luxuirie by LRG. Luxuirie is not overdone and it is also not understated instead it exists somewhere in the middle. Who knew the happy medium could look so good?