Surface To Air Womens Spring/Summer 2008

Surface To Air Womens Spring/Summer 2008 – Surface to Air is a brand I think we should all get to know. That way when our fashion know-it-all friends bring them up we will be able to participate in conversation. There seems to be a bit of back story with the Surface to Air collective. With contributor from New York, Stockholm and Paris the spring summer Surface to Air collection is eclectic at best.

The overalls trend is obviously not just for street wear. Here we see a more demure interpretation of the classic farmer overalls. Pay attention now, these are not just overalls but an overalls skirt. I love them because you could throw on any t-shirt underneath and you’re good to go for day time. If this overalls skirt was mine I would be wearing it out.

I love the deep scoop neck of this tank top. I think I like it because it not your typical “wife beater” tank. It feels more handmade then assembly line. I’m not sure what’s going on with the feathery leafy Cesar crown and cross bones on this tank top. Skull and cross bones are out. Consequently I think any graphics resembling the jolly roger should be thrown overboard as well. I know Surface to Air can do much much better.

I need white jeans for summer. They’re a summer staple and Surface to Air has done them just right. This particular jean features a straight leg and a higher rise than usual. I actually don’t enjoy a mid or high rise jean myself but it looks great on lots of other women so I can appreciate it when its done well. These jeans are so unobtrusive they would blend in well with any wardrobe.

At first glance I really dislike this plain Jane drop waist dress. What I am missing is the beauty and utility of such a simple design. This dress can be worn virtually every day in summer all you would need to do is change your choose to suit your occasion. The drop waist will be flattering to those without junk in the trunk. It will also hide your tummy, because the waist band is so low it will not attract unwanted attention to your mid section. The color is a little blah but that’s what bright beautiful accessories are for.

Surface to Air has simplicity in mind for the spring/summer of 2008. That’s great but there are still a few things that bother me about this label. For example I don’t like the surface to air has a very limited size range. That is their prerogative but size 26 is a small place to start so how could you stop at 30 for the largest size? While shirts come in sizes O, I, II, III. I will let you judge on that issue for yourself and when we meet again I will have the men’s wear from Surface to Air for you to enjoy.

Sweets For Your Feets

Sweets For Your Feets – Pretty much everything within the Pastry clothing and shoe lines has something to do with sweets and or baked goods. I have a feeling that kind of gimmick can only last for so long. Eventually all the novelty names will wear thin with the consumer. Fortunately for the sisters Simmons, that day doesn’t appear to be close just yet.

The shoe above is the “Fab Cookie”. What’s fab or cookie about it I don’t know. The gold accents on this shoe will allow them to match with anything especially since the rest of the shoe is basically white. I don’t know what’s up with the polka dot or as they call them “sprinkles” on the sole of the shoe. Maybe that is the cookie part? These shoes are not bad, just boring.

Above we see the “Honeydew Fab Cookie” shoes. These are a little better than the shoes from the top but that isn’t saying much. I like that they have borrowed the shell toe that is typically only found on shoes by Adidas.


The colors are nice too, not exactly what I would call honeydew but they work well together. Again we see the same “sprinkles” that appear to be on every shoe. This pair of shoes would look much cleaner without the sprinkles. To tell the truth, without the sprinkles I would actually be crazy about these shoes.

Someone needs to help these girls with their color identification. Pictured above are the “Strawberry Mint Fab Cookie” boots. I don’t see any red or pink on them with the exception of the tag and laces. So where exactly is the strawberry on these predominately lavender shoes? The mint I can see in the dusty green sole and upper accents. I’m not trying to nit pick but come on! First you call teal and pink “Honeydew” and then purple and green “Strawberry Mint”. The names and colors don’t match plain and simple. All name criticism aside these are my favorite pair from the whole Pastry shoe collection..


They have the shell toe and a high top, you can’t go wrong with that. Here we go again with the “sprinkles” on the sole but this time since they match the purple suede it’s all good.

Well Angela and Vanessa, I can tell you really tried. You probably didn’t intend to have an adult shoe line look like they were made for little girls. But with names like “Fab Cookie” I can’t say I’m surprised.  All I’m sayin is most grown women tend to avoid cookies…..

Swimwear Trends 2008: Act Two

Swimwear Trends 2008: Act Two – As you may remember we are in the process of revealing the top ten trends in swim suits for the summer of 2008. Just to recap the first article contained a few classic motifs and some designs for the fashion daredevil in us all. The next 5 trends will be no different, covering everything from new silhouettes to swimsuit staples. Swimsuit season is here so let’s just dive right in.

The soft drape silhouette is a new trend this season. This style is exceptionally comfortable and will be a delight for those of you out there who dread under wire. Due to the soft folds in the fabric there is an almost Grecian feel to this style.

This is the suit is for any woman who has ever pined to be viewed as a 1950’s pin up goddess. Retro suits are can be very conservative, often hiding the belly button. This does not take away from the sex appeal what’s so ever. Retro suits can be difficult to swim in. So make sure you bring your matching heels to the pool party as you may be spending more time working the crowd than swimming.

Not to be confused with graphic prints, the Boho trend has a personality all of its own.   These particular designs remind me of Moroccan tiles. Boho is short for Bohemian which pretty much means luxe hippy style. This trend is very easy to accessorize. You may try an arm full of wood and gold bangles or maybe that hemp necklace you have left over from your high school hippy days.

There maybe some of you out there who want to wear a bikini but also want to leave a little something to the imagination as far as the bottom is concerned. A flirty skirt bottom would be a perfect fit for you. This season skirt bottoms come in varying lengths from the teasingly short or modest enough to cover down to your mid thigh. Something to consider is the longer the skirt on your bikini the less need you have for a cover up when you move from the beach to the board walk.

It’s hard to say stripes are back because they never left. They are a summer classic only changing a little each year where color and width is concerned. My personal favorite of the bikinis pictured above is the top left. It reminds me of a Mexican sarapé with the fearless blend of colors. As with most motifs you still want to keep the relative size of the stripe you choose in proportion with you body. Try a slimmer stripe if you are petite and a wider stripe if you are not.

I hope you are excited to buy a new swimsuit, whether it is a bikini, one piece or my personal favorite the monokini. There is a trend for all tastes this season. If you have read both articles and you still think there isn’t a trend for you. Forget about it! Bikini babes from Brazil rarely even wear matching tops and bottoms. Take a page from their book, you do not need to follow a trend, this is the summer and anything goes.

Swimwear Trends 2008: Act One

Swimwear Trends 2008: Act One – Spring has sprung. The fall collections have been shown in both Paris and New York. Now the summer season is upon us here in the United States. Summer is my favorite season! I love buying a new bathing suit or three. There is a lot to think about when choosing a swimsuit. Should it be a bikini or a one piece? Eye catching print or classy retro style? Or maybe this is the year you are brave enough to wear that cheetah print bikini? Because there are so many suits to choose from I have broken up my top ten trends for the season into a two part series. Here are the first five trends in no particular order:

This summer metallic swimsuits are available for every shape and size. The metallic trend is not limited to only traditional metals such as silver, gold, and bronze but also what I like to call fantasy metals such as the blue bikinis pictured above.  Personally If I were to buy a metallic bikini I would definitely choose a fantasy metal so the likely hood of another woman and I being “suit twins” on the beach or poolside would be slimmer.

Wild Graphic prints will never go out of style for summer. This year we are seeing prints raging from girly bows to 60’s style psychedelic paisleys. One rule to remember when buying a graphic bikini, the bolder the print the smaller the bikini should be. I don’t know why this formula works but it does.

The monokini is for the daring. This suit is my personal favorite for the season. The monokini is a trend doubler in that, you can find one that may contain one or more of the other trends listed such as a graphic prints, animal print and especially metallic. It is not for the faint of heart. If you don’t think you would look fierce in a monokini, don’t bother, you may not wear it right due to insecurities. The monokini is a power suit, no doubt about it.

Animal prints, like metallics are a swimsuit staple. This season we are seeing mostly zebra and cheetah. The good news to that is if you don’t look good in black and white, the golden browns found in cheetah print are complimentary to almost any skin tone.

Playful polka dots are available in numerous colors this season. A helpful tip when choosing a polka dot for your suit is to keep in mind the proportion of the polka dot in relative size to your body. Meaning if you are petite you should tend towards a smaller polka dot and so on.

We are half way through our exploration of swimsuit trends for the summer of 2008. Perhaps you didn’t find a trend that was right for you in this first segment. Fear not, the sequel is ready, and it’s coming. Stay Tuned…

Tarina Tarantino Knows Barbie!

Tarina Tarantino Knows Barbie! – Today I was browsing the Internet for new and exciting objects to review and I came upon a jewelry designer  I’d never heard of before. I kept snooping around this designers site until I came across some Barbie earrings I had seen before but I never knew who made them. I was delighted to find a mystery I had forgotten about had been solved! I am pleased to present the works of Tarina Tarantino.  Her work is not limited to Barbie by any means, however this collection will be our sole focus in this article.

I don’t even remember where I’ve seen these earrings before. I just remember how bad I wanted them. As a little girl Barbie was my world. . Profile silhouettes are popping up everywhere on jewelry from pendants to rings and earrings. As an adult earrings featuring the silhouette of my favorite childhood toy would seem silly if it were anything other than Barbie. The little black bows and pink Swarovski crystals make you think that these may be Betsey Johnson.


Fortunately the idea of adorning ones self with Barbie is all Tarina Tarantino.

Not all of the Barbie collection from Tarantino’s line has such a literal inspiration. The Lucite heart earrings above were crafted to resemble earrings worn by Barbie herself. Many of you may not even remember that Barbie comes with her own earrings because they are usually the first accessory to get lost, they’re right up there with the tiny shoes.  Even if you don’t like Barbie there is something in this collection for you.


Only a true Barbie fan would see the inspiration in these earrings, and how many of them do you really know?

Tarina’s Barbie collection includes the many faces of Barbie through her career as one of the worlds favorite dolls. Above we see a very 1970’s Barbie on bracelets and even a cocktail ring. Personally out of all the items in the photo above the only piece I like is the cocktail ring. Cocktail rings are a must have for the summer of 2008. The rest of the pieces look  like they were intended for little girls. I think if you’re going to wear something childish like Barbie jewelry you better do it in a more sophisticated way.

This 1980’s version of Barbie is my favorite because this is the Barbie I saw in all of my many Barbie coloring books. The purple and green rhinestones are a little much but I really like the tiny lime green bow at the top of this pendant. Add a few more of those lime bows and you would really have a winner on your hands.

Her studio may be located in Los Angeles but her sparkly baubles are in high demand around the world. Don’t worry Tarina Tarantino has so much more to offer than just Barbie inspired jewelry. She makes everything belts, purses, hair pins an so much pretty sparkling jewelry it will make your head spin. I will definitely be covering more from Tarina Tarantino in the future.

Tea Dresses

Tea Dresses – Starting life in the 1800’s, tea dresses and gowns were elegant attire, only worn at important family meals and afternoon teas. Contemporary fashion sees the resurgence of the tea dress for wear in any possible situation and is set to be popular in summer 2008.

Dolce and Gabbana have certainly had a part to play in the reappearance of tea dresses on the catwalk, with their tranquil feminine spring 2008 collection. This summer’s fashion marks another revival of the 1930’s style of dress with elaborate floating frills, pleats and floral prints.

Modern tea dresses are an updated take on the 19th century tea gown, which was a full length floating dress with elaborate frills, puffy collars and trains.

The term ‘Tea Dress’ (much like it’s fitting) in today’s fashion is used loosely. These garments are typically flowing, free fitting with capped sleeves and anywhere from a mid- thigh to ankle length hemline. A tea style dress will often feature an attached fabric belt that ties it in at the waist, or sits loosely in a bow at the back. A common print for tea dresses is floral, although paisley and star prints on a plain background are also favorites. These patterns are described as ‘ditsy’ which means small and busy, so you’re unlikely to find a plain print tea dress.

These styles of dresses are most commonly available in soft, airy fabrics such as chiffon and sheer crepe, which makes them ideal for hot summer months. Such lightweight fabrics lend gently to a straight-up-straight-down figure, giving the illusion of curves, yet their flowing nature can also hide those lumps and bumps that a fuller-figure lady wants to hide. The beauty of this style is that they are available in a variety of lengths to suit a variety of figures. Chiffon, crepe and other summery fabrics keep the body cool by allowing air to flow through them. After all, when you’re a feminine summer beauty you can’t allow sweat marks or frizzy hair!

Unlike it’s complicated print, the tea dress is remarkably easy to wear. Simply team it up with a pair of flat or low-heeled plain color boots and some beads. A great way to cover up is to add a loose-knit bolero and brightly colored opaque tights, which match a color hinted in the dress. When worn with a simple petticoat peeking out from the hemline a tea dress can look a perfect example of 1930’s vintage fashion. If you’re heading off to a festival this coming season then a tea dress is classic festival wear with plain wellies or cowboy boots, beach hair and a wide-brim sun hat. Oversized statement sunglasses never did anyone any harm either! Alternatively, spruce up a tea dress for an evening out with black high heels, tousled hair and subtle silver jewelery.

Everyone knows that wearing a dress is an expression of femininity in some way or another, but a tea dress is an effortless, majestic wardrobe must-have at the same time as being sassy, colorful and cool summer wear.

That’s For Groceries?

That’s For Groceries? – Less waste means a happier and cleaner life for all of us and that is why so many of us are switching to reusable shopping bags instead of the flimsy plastic bags that are given to us at the grocery store. Many brands have taken note of the desire of consumers to purchase bags that are eco-friendly as well as fashionable.

This striped bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs may not look like a traditional grocery bag but it’s a reusable bag that you will actually want to use. Although this bag is really cute its not exactly cost effective because you’re really going grocery shopping you will need at least 3 bags per trip. With the amount of money you might spend on trying to use these bag you could take a mini vacation. It is a good thing that this nautical inspired bag is cute enough to want use as your summer purse as well as your grocery bag.

This bag by Anya Hindmarch is without a doubt the most identifiable of all reusable bags. And yet it is not really suitable for bringing home your groceries. It would work much better as a handbag and that is how most women use it. I think what women like most about this bag is the fact that it pretty much screams “Hey I care about the environment more than you. Look I’m doin’ it right now”. I used to be a big fan of this bag until I found out that they are too small to actually use. Also they are outrageously popular, thusly making them lame to those of us who would rather be early adopters than followers, sad but true.

Even Juicy couture has made their own reusable grocery bag. Other than brand recognition I don’t feel anything for this bag. Not as a purse and it doesn’t look practical enough to hold heavy groceries. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again a strap that thin is going to hurt your shoulder when you fill the bag to its capacity. Definitely not worth the price unless you just want a status symbol. If that’s the case this is your shopping bag.

One of my dear friends told me about Baggu. They cost substantially less than all of the other designer reusable grocery bags. Sure they are plain in comparison but they are available in a wide variety of colors. Baggu is made of a very durable rip stop nylon while many of the other bags in this article are made from cotton. I wouldn’t carry Baggu like a purse like I would with some others but thankfully it can fold up into a little pouch that is small enough to fit into whatever purse you’re already carrying. The pouch is so small and flat it could even fit into a clutch I’m not kidding you. It’s great for impromptu shopping trips you could keep them in the glove box or trunk of your car and not even know they’re there.

The 90’s Strike Back

The 90’s Strike Back – The 90’s are alive and back in full effect in men’s street wear. Here are a few examples of how T-shirt brands are using the 90’s as inspiration in many different ways.

I don’t know if it’s the shirt or the model but this one really reminds me of “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”. Using a classic palette of almost neon colors from the 1990’s this shirt made by Lemar and Dauley is a throwback to a time when black and white checks weren’t just for racing anymore. The colors are a little too dusty for me but overall I like this shirt.

Using a similar 90’s inspired color palette this shirt definitely has a more artsy vibe than the one above it hence the name the modern art tank. Right now the designers are Lemar & Dauley must really be watching a lot of “In Living Color” reruns. I really like the way the bold black lines move throughout the shirt. As far as design goes I’m a huge fan of the print on this shirt but I don’t think I would give this guy my number. Something about a dude in such a colorful tank top, I couldn’t do it.

I liked Kid & Play a lot when I was younger. I was far too young to know what was really going on in all those house party movies but I could do their dance at the drop of a hat. As much as I loved them before I am not so sure I would want to wear them at any point in my life on my T-shirt. I must be on my own with that though because these shirts by Rocksmith are readily available online.

I saved this Exact Science shirt for last because I thought it was the best of all the 90’s inspiration T’s. Believe it or not what this shirt is trying to do with all that bright clutter is pay respects to the Wu-Tang Clan or more specifically to their song “Can it all be so simple?”  In high school I listened to my copy of “Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers” too many times to count. So when I noticed that this design includes 4 of the 5 boroughs, dollar signs, shell toes, Cazals, ghetto blasters, cassette tapes, spray paint, 4-finger rings, bucket hats, and people breaking, a favorite was born. Above all that this shirt was also printed in a 90’s style neon palette but somehow it is not as offensive to the eye, maybe because the actual shirt is a calming blue.

The 90’s inspiration is not relegated to just men’s T-shirts. The 90’s flavor is spreading everywhere from shorts to shoes in men’. Lemar & Dauley even have a pair of shoes that are designed to match the Modern Art Tank from above. Some years ago you would only see the bravest of fashion savvy men exploring new color ways, let the return of the 90’s serve as a benchmark that times have indeed changed.

The Maxi

The Maxi – One thing should be made clear when speaking of “the maxi” it is not a dress per se, rather it is a word used to describe the length of said dress. This being said I would like to dispel the rumor that maxi length dresses are only for hippies, grandmas and or conservative religious types. This length is for anyone, especially you.  Why should you wear a maxi? The answer is simple, because the comfort and grace bestowed upon you by the extra length is unparalleled by any of the dresses you’ve ever owned. It has all the comfort of your favorite summer dress but it’s long enough to carry you from day into night with style.

To further illustrate my point I would like you to take a look at the beautiful songstress Thalia. Here we see a very pregnant and glowing Thalia in what looks like a painted silk maxi dress. She proves that you do not need a slim figure to look beautiful wearing maxi length. The long column effect of this dress is sure to make anyone’s movements look more graceful.

The tiered maxi above, worn by our favorite Hollywood bad girl Lindsay Lohan is a good example of a more daring maxi. Typically when a designer is ready to take the plunge in length for a maxi they use either a boho print or some sort of floral. The color varieties in the tiers of this dress add a really playful touch to what some may consider to be a cumbersome length.

Floor length floral print dresses are not just for your grandma anymore. They’re for mischa barton too! I’m just kidding. As far as floral prints go this motif is just “okay” but never the less it is one of the many which are readily available for your enjoyment this summer. Have no fear there are plenty of other floral prints to choose from.

Here we see actress Molly Sims in a very typical boho print maxi dress. I love this print and the super soft silk looks like it would be a dream to shop in. If you’re not sure if you even want a maxi dress I encourage you to at least try on a bohemian print and then tell me you don’t feel a whole new level of stylish comfort. You couldn’t do it.  Pulling off a boho maxi look is so easy because the dress does all the work for you, just slap on a chunky bracelet or some kind of wooden jewelry and you’re good to go.

What I like most about all of these pictures is that all of these women are enjoying casual everyday engagements looking way better than everyone else in the pictures view.  I know what I said about Mischa Barton’s dress, but she still looks great because despite the print the extra length gives a very regal feel. That is what maxi length can do for you too. Regal yet casual and with so many styles to choose from a maxi dress is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.

The Streets Love Gabriel Urist

The Streets Love Gabriel Urist – Gabriel Urist is a jeweler for the streets. I would say his jewelry is unisex due to the fact that most women will wear whatever jewelry they please even if the earrings were intended for a man. There is an distinct edge that Urist puts into all of the pieces he makes. His jewelry isn’t widely known but from here on out I will be singing his praises.

Cash rules everything around me C.R.E.A.M. get the money Dolla dolla bills yall! You would be hard pressed to find a street wear fan that doesn’t know those Wu-Tang Clan lyrics. It would even harder to find someone who doesn’t recognize these Wu-Tang W earrings. I can name at least 10 people I know, men and women, who would go nuts if they knew that these earrings even existed.

It is obvious that most of Gabriel Urist’s pieces are for men except this one.


This one here is strictly for the ladies. A high heel sculpted from gold on a small ball chain, give this necklace to your girlfriend and you will make an impression that will last a life time. This necklace warms my heart for two reason. The first being that this pendant is so small and it reminds me of all the Barbie shoes I lost when I was younger. Secondly Urist could have very easily made a typical pump or a more boring sandal but he didn’t, if this strappy heel was life size I would definitely be wearing it. Gabriel doesn’t take the easy way out and I love him for that.

There was a time in the 1990’s that Chicago bulls reigned supreme over the world of basketball after they won three championships for three straight years. After that everyone either loved the bulls or hated them with a passion for beating their own home teams. Eventually the shine faded from the bulls and the whole world forgot about them. Not Gabriel, his love for the bulls is still burning and this pendant is proof.

I already own a necklace just like this, only my pretzel has rhinestone salt. I’m pretty sure the first time I saw a pretzel necklace was on “Sex and the City” when Carrie Bradshaw had one on. If you know who made the original pretzel necklace please let me know. It’s kind of relevant though considering that the pretzel is a New York icon worth repeating.  When some people visit New York for the first time all they can think about is how bad they want to eat a pretzel in Time Square. This necklace let’s the whole world have a taste.

Gabriel Urist jewelry may have unorthodox subject matter but that doesn’t make his work any less creative. All of the things we see on the day to day basis like high heels and pigeons are dipped into gold without hesitation. He seems to understand that there is more to the world of fine jewelry than what sparkles and shimmers. That there are beautiful things through our lives that we should celebrate and wear proudly everyday around our necks.