TokiDoki Means Sometimes

TokiDoki Means Sometimes – The new arrivals from the TokiDoki clothing line are finally here. And let me be the first to say how much cooler this stuff is than what I have seen previously. When I bought my TokiDoki shirts the only thing that set them apart from all of my other t-shirts was the sweet graphics, other then that they were just plain t-shirts with a print just like all the rest. Thankfully for us and for the future of TokiDoki that has all changed. Drastically.

By the first glance this hooded shirt looks pretty average but lo and behold the back of this shirt holds a sweet surprise. Two darling clouds sharing a rainbow around your shoulder blades what could be better floating around such an unexpected keyhole back. I don’t know how the little record on the front plays into things with the clouds but it works.

This shirt has a very Custo feel to it, with the way that there is some sort of pattern or picture going on all over the whole shirt. The cute little devil listening to her ipod on a cloud is one of the many TokiDoki characters featured on this shirt. Our little friend the record from the hooded shirt above is also seen on this shirt. The twisted style of the back is really cool but I don’t think you could wear a traditional bra with this shirt without the straps showing. Exposed bra straps aren’t so bad however in this case they would bring down the value of the whole shirt.

The graffiti-esque font on the back of this jacket reads Ciao Ciao, I’m guessing that the name of the little girl skull character. The TokiDoki logo nested within the back graphic is really a nice touch. I’m really crazy for the multi tonal zippers all over this jacket. If you look close you can see the only zipper that is not multi tonal is the one for the hidden hood that is along the collar.

I wish my name was Sandy because if it was I would buy this jacket so fast your head would spin. I encourage any Sandy’s reading this to pick up one of these jackets because you will never see your name gracing a cooler jacket. While there are many Sandy’s in the world that is also the name of the little girl in the cactus suit on the back of this jacket. I really like the color scheme of this whole jacket. They may be on to something with that orange and cream combination.

Where I’m from it doesn’t rain very often. I am dead set on getting this raincoat anyway. The idea of a raincoat that not only looks cool on its own but is also see through so everyone can see your cool clothes underneath too, is a big hit with me. Both the girl and the boy skull are featured all over this raincoat along with some accompaniment from some candies and stars.

The designers at TokiDoki deserve a big round of applause for improving the quality of clothing they offer by leaps and bounds.

Animals All Over LRG

Animals All Over LRG – Previously I spent some time gushing over the Luxuirie by LRG today I will turn my focus to some of the t-shirts available from LRG. Animals are heavily represented in the LRG men’s line as a result of this all of the t-shirts featured today have animals within the designs.

Ladies and Gentlemen it is my pleasure to introduce to you the King of Style. He’s a panda. You didn’t know that panda’s are the international symbol for style? They’re not but this one is cute isn’t he? With his little crown and muscle arms the King of Style looks like he is ready for some action.


This shirt is OK but its hard to take the cute and cuddle out of animal like the panda. The bulging arms make him a little more masculine but I’m not sure if that will be enough for most men.

Water ski for your life lady, Jaws gone’ getcha!  Well at least I can say there is nothing cute or cuddly about this shirt. The shark is a pretty masculine animal to begin with so there are no issues there. The problem here lies in the overall cheese factor. I can’t really put my finger on what exactly is bringing down the value of this shirt but something is not right. I think it’s the bloody looking text, that’s not a great look.

This shirt is called the 80’s R.I.P. I suppose the death of the last unicorn would definitely signify the end of an era. I dunno about the 80’s though. If you can point me in the direction of a guy who wants to wear a faded pink unicorn as the only thing on his otherwise all black shirt. I’d be glad to meet him to talk about his style and what he can teach others. This shirt is not bad its just risky.


This shirt feels really bare like there should be more graphics added to it or maybe something that would explain why this shirt is even called 80’s R.I.P.?

Of all the animal inspiration t-shirts at LRG this one is my favorite. The giraffe is making a come back this season and not just at LRG. Giraffe print has been seen all over but most notably at Michael Kors where giraffe print graces both handbags and luggage. This shirt will go well with all of the other neon and day glow  items that are out right now. This shirt doesn’t look  undone or cheesy like the others it. However I am still questioning if I know any guys who would be willing to rock this shirt, even if it was a gift.

All I can say is at least LRG is trying something new. I love animal inspiration so all of these shirts would work for me but unfortunately I’m not a guy and altering men’s shirts to for me is not on the top of my list of things to do. It’s ok LRG better luck next time!

Choosing Your Children’s Wear And The Variety Of Styles

Choosing Your Children’s Wear And The Variety Of Styles – The mature you can get, the bigger you can get therefore you might need a brand-new number of dresses, however you can also switch it about and look at the progress involving kid’s behavior in opposition to dresses together with presence as a result of just some years ago to the present time frame.

No matter if you happen to be a baby or maybe a mature, you will have to value whatever dresses you are wearing, considering that in todays country you happen to be evaluated during the initially four to eight minutes, when ever wandering towards a completely new room having a people who you might have never personally seen previously. You’ll certainly be evaluated by the way tresses is conducted, the face, the style and the most surely what types of dresses you are having on.


It is actually simultaneously an unconscious along with intentional state of mind as a person, it doesn’t matter if you are younger or possibly ancient. Just for this fact, it’s important to dress reasonable and turn aware about whatever impulses you happen to be proving, when walking outside ones doorstep.

This is usually a greater matter about today, which is affirmed if you take a rapid search with a municipal primary together with lower secondary institution. This unique position is usually just where children build his or her’s personality, same as picking out your good friends, which inturn altogether adds up when ever selecting whatever dresses to dress yourself in. If you are not sensible or classy, you’ll certainly be designated not to mention more than likely pranked.

Pondering this approach, children’s wear is often a subject with which has created a good deal over the last months. Today it is not ample to remain decent near each other; you have to generate judgements around a person’s dresses, because doing so affects what type of person you are reckoned to be, perhaps even as part of your quick numerous years to be a human being. Just for this, older designed wardrobe are easily intended for children, given that they have some symbol or even just about anything.

When children are to pick out whatever dresses they obtain, they are simply practically proposed the same scenarios like older people. A lot of the decent stylish models have in addition decided to generate dresses for children, that ought to turn out to be productive mainly because that a lot of children pick out the dresses from what his or her’s icon are carrying. When a legendary actor or actress or possibly presenter is normally wearing an exclusive type, a number of fans typically find the particularly equivalent sort of dresses. This unique correlation is usually surely everything that the many designers are looking to help earn with.

Normal dresses you obtain being a baby are generally items like snowsuits, winter months jackets, nightclothes and also types of which keep an individual heated. That is likely the biggest impact around older dresses not to mention children’s wear, mainly because it is recognised as essential that children are not freezing. The latest fashion trend and the best comfort are right at your hand with the best

Clutch My Heart

Clutch My Heart – When the summer hits I lose all desire to carry a purse when I go out at night. Adventurous summer nights do not mesh well with lugging around huge purses. What you really need is a clutch. Cute and compact with only your essentials inside. All of today’s clutches are black for no particular reason at all.

Yes that is real alligator. This Christian Louboutin clutch is made unapologetically from the skin of I don’t know how many alligators, probably just one since they are kind of huge. Never the less this clutch is all about luxury.


It looks a little on the mini clutch side so if you are interested in buying this purse don’t count on fitting much more than a credit card, cash, one key and a mini Dior lip gloss because this piece is about the size of your sunglasses case.

This Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch is a little on the masculine side don’t you think? That doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. With such minimal surface details you can rest assured that you won’t be at risk of loosing any random stones or baubles that may be attached to other clutches this season.


This clutch is pretty versatile,, it can be used as a clutch or a wallet which is great. Because that means you can, if you want to, bring your regular big summer purse in the car and leave it there whilst bringing only your most important items in your clutch and into the club/bar/ house party you are going to.

I am in awe of this clutch, with its tiny square stones glimmering in any light it can capture. The clasp on top of this clutch remind me of a Lego, only this would have to be the most glamorous Lego I have ever seen. Beloved handbag designer Devi Kroell is the master mind behind this precious piece. Can you tell that this one is my favorite? I don’t really go to many galas or balls where you would traditionally see a clutch of this caliber but please don’t think that should stop me or you from carrying such a brilliant clutch.

Dear Fendi, welcome back to my good graces. I knew there was a reason to keep the faith in Fendi. This whip-stitch clutch has restored that faith. I really like the stones on the surface of this clutch, and the over sized stitching is growing on me too. This clutch looks dangerously compact and maybe it is even smaller than the Christian Louboutin mini clutch from the top. Although I can’t really tell how wide this clutch will open up to be I have a feeling it has the same wallet/clutch  potential as the Marc  by Marc Jacobs clutch.

Look at the time! Who knew that all black would lead to an all positive review.


There’s so many clutches available right now you definitely don’t have to limit yourself to black. One thing to remember when choosing  your perfect clutch is to buy something you will not forget. Meaning you may set your clutch down walk away from it so you want to have something that is so memorable to you that you couldn’t possibly leave the party without it.

Colorful Coogi Mens

Colorful Coogi Mens – Coogi is for the man who wants to be seen. That being said it is no surprise that so many rapper love Coogi so much they mention it in their rhymes. Yes most of the hip hop world is chasing Ed Hardy right now but Coogi has been a hip hop staple since Notorious BIG mentioned their name in “Juicy”. If Coogi is good enough for a hip hop legend it’s got to be good enough for you. If you’re ready for the attention that is.

I think Coogi took Hawaiian print to a whole new level with this button down. There is so much going on in this print the only discernible object I see is the parrot on a branch. This could be the perfect shirt for Birdman but I’m not sure who else. The island theme is fun and the color combination is actually on point.


As a whole the print is just too cluttered for my taste but I’d love to meet the man brave enough to rock the parrot button down.
This shirt is so pretty! It’s like wearing a kaleidoscope of colors. The possibilities for matching your sneakers are limitless due to the fact that every color in the rainbow is alive and well on this shirt. In some round about way I think all of the white circles spell out Coogi, pretty cool huh?
Apparently when it comes to scary shirts Surface to Air isn’t the only brand in the game, Coogi is right behind them. That looks like the profile of some kind of demon on this shirt. I’m not much for dark graphics like this but I do like the color combinations. In fact its really all the different oranges that make this graphic look so hellish to begin with. The orange topstitching on the sleeves is a nice touch too. I don’t know who the designers at Coogi are trying to scare but it’s working.
Coogi calls this the Zeus tee. You know Zeus like the Greek god, however I think the creature in the print is more of a gargoyle than anything. It doesn’t really matter what you call it because this shirt is hot. I like that the Coogi name is not the central focus of the shirt instead it is on the sleeve, chillin. This shirt speaks for its self, you know its Coogi without even seeing the name.
Coogi clothes really are for a specific kind of a guy. A flashy guy with enough attitude to back up any of his fashion decisions. To me that is awesome, it doesn’t happen often that men take fashion risks. Almost every piece from Coogi is a little bit of a fashion risk in itself. Coogi wearers everywhere I salute you.

Coogi Can Do It

Coogi Can Do It – Some say Coogi is a world renowned clothing label, while others will simply give you a blank stare at the mention of the brand’s name.

I first saw Coogi on the “Cosby Show”. You know those really ugly sweaters Dr. Huxtable was always wearing? Those are Coogi the sweaters so if you think you had never heard of them before think again. Today I will not be talking about esteemed sweaters Coogi is known for; instead we will review the shorts available within the Coogi denim line.

Like many denim lines this season the designers at Coogi are trying out the high waisted look. I like the idea of high waisted shorts however from what I have seen on other women in public they can be really hit or miss. Wouldn’t it be nice if extra material on these shorts was detachable somehow? Perhaps in the future that is something we may see at Coogi or another brand.

If you can’t decide between high waisted or low rise shorts, these are for you.


This pair of Bermuda shorts comes with a yoke that makes up the different between low rise and high waisted shorts. Shorts with a mid rise are much more flattering to those of you out there with too much booty in their pants.


Think of how nice it would be to sit down without having to worry about your pants gaping in high waisted shorts or even worse are lowrise shorts that reveal your plumbers crack every time you bend that the waist. Being that these are still Coogi Bermuda shorts they have taken full advantage of the extra yoke space by embroidering their name in crazy rainbow letters.

Typically when I think of colored denim I am reminded of acid washed colored jeans of the 90’s, thankfully times have changed and the acid wash step has been completely thrown out the window. Colored denim is big in the Coogi line. This particular pair of shorts is available in electric blue, red and classic blue denim.  These bright red show stopper shorts, paired up with a great pair of heels, are not to be messed with.

These pretty purple Bermuda shorts are a probably the most plain pair of shorts in the whole line. That is not to say these shorts are boring, they are only plain in comparison to the overly ornate Coogi style. The rainbow stitching allows you to match virtually any color with these purple shorts.

The Coogi denim line is chock full of shorts of varying lengths, colors and denim washes. One thing you will want to remember when considering Coogi shorts for a purchase, are you ready for the whole world to look at your booty? Sure all shorts will attract more attention to your backside but shorts from Coogi will not only grab attention with their gratutitous use of rainbow embroidery on every pair, they will keep it there. Such a sudden influx of attention can be a real ego boost, just make sure you are ready to handle your new adoring fans.

Crookes & Castles : The Introduction

Crookes & Castles : The Introduction – I first heard of Crooks & Castles t-shirts about a year ago. From what I was hearing this was a brand that prided themselves on logo remixes. I say logo remixes because of many of the brand’s best selling t-shirts are the ones containing a Crookes & Castles logo that has been altered to look exactly like another brand logo. For example the Chanel remix was two Crookes & Castles C’s fashion into the iconic Chanel C’s. Now we all know a little bit of what to expect for Crookes & Castles let’s see what they have new in stores.

If this shirt is a yet another logo remix I guess I don’t know what the original logo looked like or what it was for. That being said this seems like a fine shirt but not a great graphic. You will see as we move through this segment the designers at Crookes & Castles are definitely more creative than just this.
Who said young brands can’t have their own accessories line? Even if the accessories line at Crookes & Castles is small If I saw a guy pull out a red leather wallet I would be really impressed that he was actually showing a little style in his choice of wallet.


Too many young men are rolling around with either generic leather or canvas wallets that look beyond chewed up because they bought them in high school.


As far as I’m concerned a wallet can be just like a handbag and it should be changed to match when the outfit dictates.
Should we call these Crookes & Castles C’s or Chanel C’s? Why not just call them island C’s since that appears to be the motif. At first the idea of a street wear brand using the illusion of Chanel to get attention made me feel a different way, pissed off if you will. But as I have become more familiar with the brand and I loosen up about the sanctity of old money labels such as Chanel, I’m starting to be a real Crookes & Castles fan. Yes they do use someone else logo as a jumping off point but it does not just stop there, the designers always had a little extra flair such as this island motif to make things more interesting while making them distinct at the same time.
By the looks of this segment I have spent too much time talking and not enough time showing the versatility of this up and coming street wear label.


In order to make it up to the folks at Crooks & Castles I’m going to extend this review into two pieces. Next time I promise you less talk and more pictures that prove why there is so much to be said of Crookes & Castles.

Disney Gets Grown And Sexy

Disney Gets Grown And Sexy – Disney, like Barbie are childhood brands that are now trying to cross over into adult interests. Disney now has brand called Disney Couture. This brand promotes a more fashion forward vision of Disney characters on t-shirts, purses and jewelry. The are a lot of pieces in this collection and some were a little cheesy. I set out to present you with the cream of the crop.

Tinkerbell has a huge presence in the Disney Couture jewelry line. She is on a variety of pieces like rings and earrings. The earrings we see above are not just any old hoops but with tinkerbell in the middle. Instead the hoops are made to look like a bunch of tiny connected leaves. There are another pair of hoop earrings with Tinkerbell sitting inside of them which are actually a lot cuter than these and they’re less cheesy. Unfortunately the photos of those particular earrings are really bad for some reason, sorry guys.

I’ve always told myself when I’m filthy rich I’m going to have a treasure chest full of gems and gold doubloons. Why you might ask? Because I’ve always want to laugh maniacally while rummaging through a fully loaded treasure chest. I guess I just really want that cartoon villain moment to be real.


The closest I can come to a fully loaded treasure chest is the pendant pictured above. From this view you can only see the glittering gems and gold leaf interior but if you put the top down this tiny chest looks exactly like the chest of treasure from Peter Pan. This same treasure chest is also featured as a cocktail ring which also opens up to show the loot within. If you ask me I’d rather have the cocktail ring for obvious reasons such as the large size of the ring and the fact it opens and closes just like the pendant does only it looks much cooler on your hand than on your neck.

This necklace embodies the narcissistic side of every name plate necklace ever made. Instead of just letting passers by the name of who their gawking at this necklace will let them know that you are in fact the fairest of them all. Who needs a magic mirror to tell you that when you can tell the world yourself? This necklace is one of the most subtle pieces from the Disney Couture jewelry line.


If it weren’t for that ruby red poison apple people wouldn’t know this was Disney affiliated at all.

There is not a whole lot to say about this golden bow ring. All kinds of designers have been cashing in on little bow craze. As far as the Disney couture jewelry line goes they should feel justified in using little bow because the brand its self represents fairy tales. When we were children we believed that Disney could wrap the whole world up into a little bow and sprinkle fairy dust on it until everything thing was alright.

From what I have seen so far the Disney Couture jewelry line seems to have a strong peter pan influence. Yes there are some references to snow white also but with Tinkerbell being the star of the show it is hard to deny the peter pan influence. Maybe that was the theme for this or last seasons collection and I just missed it? There is also an Alice in wonderland collection but I haven’t been able to find very many pictures of that. When I do find pictures I’ll definitely be letting you know.

Dress Me Up In BB Dakota

Dress Me Up In BB Dakota – You may remember BB Dakota from previous articles where I reviewed a couple of dresses. I don’t remember which dresses and I don’t know much about the brand but hopefully what I have for our viewing pleasure today will make more of an impact on my memory. I’m ready to learn more about what this brand has to offer. Today we are going to take a look see at the dresses from BB Dakota.

This look likes my grandma house dress, right down to the white cording along the whole dress. I like this dress on my grandma but it makes the model look a little frumpy. Maybe if there was some gathers under the bust it would help out the overall shape of this dress. As far as comfort goes I’m sure this dress would get an A+ in that category because it is so loose and long. This is a cute dress for around the house or maybe to the beach but I definitely wouldn’t wear it on a night out.

A lemon colored shift and a tall glass of lemonade, what could be better on a hot summer day. Many people say that they hate yellow but I think that shit dress could change their minds. This shade of yellow would look on virtually anybody unless of course you have an existing sunburn, then you probably wouldn’t want to bring out the rosey glow of your skin. The “Dahlia” is the perfect dress to wear to that all day long summer concert you’ve been wanting to go to, see and you said you didn’t have anything to wear.

This is the “Emiko” in grape. I would love to see “Emiko” in as many colors as possible! This dress is a little ballerina-ish with its full gathered skirt and modest top. Typically I’m not much for waist belts and I especially dislike things that are too matchy matchy. While this belt is the exact same color as the rest of the dress it works because it doesn’t call too much attention to itself it just looks good. Emiko would fit in nicely at the theatre, ballet or your nearest symphony hall.

I think Marilyn Monroe would wear this dress in a heartbeat. Playfully named the “Soho Cherry” this dress has a very pinup vibe to it. It is longer than most dresses available right now which is unique. The hemline falls below the knee and the neckline is way above your cleavage.


This means not only can you wear this dress out and about with friends you could wear it to church the next morning too. Yes I know that kind of a brash suggestion but its true!

I love that BB Dakota chose to pair up so many of their dresses with flip flops. I have a sneaking suspicion that this brand is from the west coast based on that alone. If you’ve ever lived on the left coast or the surrounding states you know that flip flops are a summer staple especially with our summer dresses. For this reason alone I will never forget BB Dakota.

Dripping In Juicy

Dripping In Juicy – After talking semi smack about Juicy Couture in my last article I decided to give them more of a fighting chance. I know there has to be more there than just velour jumpsuits, excuse me, juicy suits. There is so much available from Juicy Couture that I decided to focus just on dresses.

This dress is California meets little house on the prairie and I love it. I do not need to remind you that it is still the summer time in the United States so wearing a lot of dresses is a must. Something about this dress says travel to me. It looks like you could wear it on a plane, bus or train and still be very comfortable. All the while it can be rolled up and stored to for next time in your carry on luggage. There is white crotchet along the bottom of this dress which sounds cute but is a bad idea because it us definitely going to attract dirt being that this dress goes all the way to the ground.

Do you remember that show Mama’s Family? You know the one about the sour grandma who is always getting her family out of trouble with the help of tough love and old time values? Well anyway the daughter in law Naomi was kind of a tramp who would always wear frilly peasant dresses. If only Naomi had seen this dress I think she would have gone for this one stead. It has all the charm of a peasant dress without going off the shoulder, that’s where things start to get a little different. This dress is fresh like a slice of melon.

I think this dress would look a lot cuter on then it does in this photo. Although strapless bras can be a pain it would be worth it to invest in a good one to go along with this racer back dress. Racer back is hot and its nautical how sweet.

When I first laid eyes on this dress all I could think of was “Very niiiice” in a Borat voice. This dress is very nice and then some. I get a little flushed thinking about finding the right yellow or white wedges to go with this dress. Shoot, the more I look at it I think I could even do a brown shoe and just boho it out a little with some wooden accessories.


This dress like all the rest have a little bit of a country feel to them and that’s not at all bad. The country look is very relaxed and comfortable so why complain?

I’m relieved to see that Juicy Couture is doing big things in the dress game. I stand by what I said about their grocery bag though. If you’re going to buy Juicy you should go for a dress over a bag any day because these dresses are all multi-seasonal. While there have been a lot of articles on dresses lately but I’ll try to make this one the last for a little while. Goodbye Juicy Couture. Goodbye Dresses. See you real soon.